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Solution Overview

CleanTalk Anti-Spam

CleanTalk Anti-Spam is a cloud service that does just what the name implies…protects websites from spam and has a 99.998% success rate.

The service uses protection methods that are invisible to site visitors, eliminating the need for methods like Captcha, which can complicate the exchange of information on the website.

CleanTalk Website Uptime Monitoring

Uptime Monitoring

This is not your average uptime monitoring solution, as it not only checks for downtime, it also measures website performance.

With CleanTalk’s website uptime monitoring service, you will know when your website goes offline and then goes back online, and this can be done in as granular as  1-minute intervals.

Performance Monitoring

CleanTalk also sneaks this feature into the service, showing you statistics that demonstrate changes of data in real-time, so you can identify the time of the heaviest load and see what caused such load in the first place.

These data points will help you to find the weak spots of your MyListing website, so you know where to focus to improve your load times.

Deal Overview

When you buy an Anti-Spam for Websites package from CleanTalk, using our link, you get Website Uptime Monitoring included for FREE, as outlined below.

Anti-Spam for 1 or 3 websites: You get Website Uptime Monitoring for 3 Websites (Value: $15/year)
Anti-Spam for 5 or 10 websites: You get Website Uptime Monitoring for 15 Websites (Value: $56/year)
Anti-Spam for 20 or 30 websites: You get Website Uptime Monitoring for 30 Websites (Value: $105/year)
Anti-Spam for  40 websites: You get Website Uptime Monitoring for 60 Websites (Value: $195/year)

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