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Guide Updated: 10/13/2021

Our How to Configure WP Rocket for MyListing Websites guide will show you how to easily implement this solution to speed up and manage your MyListing website.

WP Rocket has a special integration with Kinsta that lets WP Rocket play nice with Kinsta caching. WP Rocket does a lot more for WordPress performance than just caching, including helping you eliminate render-blocking CSS and JavaScript resources on your WordPress site.

Before You Begin

Solution Overlap

Overlapping functionality can degrade the performance of your website and/or cause conflicts. Before you begin, you will want to remove all other caching-related plugins.

Also, for any optimization solutions you have implemented (plugins, code snippets, etc.) that overlap with the feature set of WP Rocket, you’ll want to a.)  remove those solutions or b.) adjust the settings either within the solution or WP Rocket so there is no overlap in functionality.

As just one example, if you have Perfmatters already performing database optimizations, you can turn this off in Perfmatters, or just not configure it on the WP Rocket side.

WP Rocket Installation

  1. Grab your copy of WP Rocket or get the plugin as part of a MyListing Website Care plan.
  2. Install and activate WP Rocket.
  3. Optionally, click the ‘No, thanks’ button to opt out of letting WP Rocket collect data about your website.

WP Rocket Settings for Kinsta

If you are hosting your MyListing website with Kinsta, please follow the instructions from this section. Unless we specifically mention something, it is safe to assume you do not need to concern yourself with it.


User Cache

If you are running a MyListing website that also has a membership component (bbPress, BuddyPress, Learndash, etc.), you will likely want to enable this setting. Be sure to use WP Rocket’s ‘Need Help?’ link to gain a further understanding of this.

Cache Lifespan

The default setting should be fine here, but if you notice that your cache is holding onto content a bit too long, you may want to consider lowering the value here.

Just know that the lower this setting goes, the more server resources will be used, and while this may not be a big deal, it’s definitely something to keep in mind especially if you are on cheaper hosting.

File Optimization

CSS Files

  • Minify CSS files: Enable.
  • Optimize CSS delivery: Enable. (Note: See the ‘Testing’ section of this guide.).

JavaScript Files

  • Minify JavaScript files: Enable.
  • Load JavaScript deferred: Enable. (Note: See the ‘Testing’ section of this guide.).
  • Delay JavaScript Execution: Enable. (Note: See the ‘Testing’ section of this guide.).



If you are already using an image optimization plugin like ShortPixel Adaptive Images (our recommended image optimization plugin for MyListing websites), they will already provide this functionality, so you would want to skip this section in that case.

Image Dimensions

This setting can be skipped if you are already using an image optimization plugin that provides this, such as ShortPixel Adaptive Images. If you’re not using an image optimization plugin, be sure to enable this setting.


Enable as long as you’re not using Emojis and you’re not already optimizing this with another solution like Perfmatters.


Enable as long as you have not already done so with other solutions like Perfmatters or Cloudflare’s Hotlink Protection.

We recommend using Cloudflare’s Scrape Shield feature (Cloudflare > Scrape Shield > Hotlink Protection) for this, which is part of their FREE plan.

WebP Compatability

Please refer to the LazyLoad section above.


Preload Cache

  • Activate Preloading > Enable
  • Activate Preloading > Activate sitemap-based cache preloading > Enable
  • Activate Preloading > Activate sitemap-based cache preloading >XML Sitemap > Enable

Preload Links

Enable as long as you’re not already optimizing this with another solution like Perfmatters.

Prefetch DNS Requests

Utilize this feature if you can, but don’t just use it to use it, and be sure you’re not already optimizing this with another solution like Perfmatters.

Preload Fonts

Utilize this feature if you can, but don’t just use it to use it, and be sure you’re not already optimizing this with another solution like Perfmatters. 

Advanced Rules

Never Cache URL(s)

We recommend excluding the following pages from caching, at a minimum.

  • All Policy Pages (Privacy, Refunds, etc.).
  • All MyListing Explore Pages.
  • MyListing’s Core ‘Add Listing’ page.
  • MyListing’s ‘Claim Listing’ page.

Note: WP Rocket already excludes the WooCommerce ‘Cart’, ‘Checkout’, and ‘My Account’ pages.


As you go through these settings be sure you’re not already optimizing this with another solution like Perfmatters.

Post Cleanup, Comments Cleanup, and Transients Cleanup

Enable all options.

Database Cleanup

Do not enable this when your websites are hosted with Kinsta, as this can do more harm than good.

This feature is primarily used for MyISAM tables and hosts like Kinsta, convert your tables to InnoDB, which is better for performance.

Automatic Cleanup

Enable and set to ‘Weekly’.


This is not needed if you are already using Cloudflare (our preference), but we also recommend BunnyCDN and the steps below do apply to that particular solution, as well as many other CDN solutions.

  1. Check the ‘Enable Content Delivery Network’ box.
  2. CDN Name(s) > Paste in the values from your CDN vendor.
  3. Save changes.


Enable as long as you’re not using Emojis and you’re not already optimizing this with another solution like Perfmatters.

  1. Check the ‘Control Heartbeat’ box.
  2. Leave the default options. (Note: We have seen where disabling the WP Heartbeat completely for ‘Behavior in backend’ and ‘Behavior in Frontend’ works just fine, but you will need to thoroughly test for yourself since every site is different.).
  3. Save changes.


Rocket Add-ons


Enable if you are using Cloudflare and check out our Implement Cloudflare’s CDN for Better MyListing Security and Performance guide for more information.

Important: If you are using Cloudflare’s APO service, be sure NOT to enable this add-on. Again, please see our Cloudflare guide for more information.


Enable if you are using the Sucuri Website Firewall with caching enabled.

This will keep the caches in sync so that your site will always be updated with your latest content. 

  1. Toggle on the add-on.
  2. Click the Modify Options button.
  3. Grab your Sucuri API key and plug it into WP Rocket.
  4. Save changes.

Image Optimization

This section is simply a prompt to install WP Rocket’s Imagify plugin and while you can certainly do that, we recommend ShortPixel Adaptives Images for MyListing websites.


This section is pretty powerful, providing you the option of import/export configurations and if you run into issues with a particular build of WP Rocket, you can easily roll back to a previous version without having to restore your entire website.


After certain settings are enabled, be sure to run thorough tests by clearing every level of caching and browsing the critical areas of your site to ensure everything is looking as it should and working properly.

Throughout this guide, we have noted the settings we feel warrant going through the testing process, but to always be on the safe side, consider thorough testing any time to touch any setting.


If you find yourself running into issues, there are many resources available to you.

Video Tutorial

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WooCommerce Subscriptions Ready

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Should you not wish to use WooCommerce Subscriptions, you can simply turn the Listing Subscription packages into standard MyListing packages in just a few clicks and be on your way.

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