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Excited to announce the release of the Pricing Table Switcher Add-on for MyListing. This gives customers more options and jumpstarts website owner sales to generate more predictable income.

Club Services

UPDATED Service: MyListing Website Care 🔥

Additional pricing tiers have been added, with the option to pay annually and save money.

Starting at just $59, you get Kinsta Hosting, access to a huge premium plugin library, and a whole lot more!

Sign up today!

NEW Service: MyListing Custom Development 🔥

Custom MyListing features, minus the cost!

Custom development can be expensive. What if you could get it for FREE?

I’ve partnered with a full-stack WordPress developer to help you add custom features to your MyListing website. As a bonus, any money you spend on development, I’ll help you try and get it back.

Submit your project today.

NEW Service: MyListing Website Flip 🔥

Make money selling a MyListing website you’re proud of!

Have a MyListing website you’ve poured your time, money, and energy into? What if you could get some of that money back?

This service is first come, first served. Submit your project today.

Starter Sites

There is some exciting news for Starter Sites!

If > So has put it in writing that I can now include a licensed copy of their plugin with any Starter Site purchase, increasing the annual value of Starter Sites by another $139, bringing the total recurring (annual) value to $513!

So, as of this moment, the Starter Sites are not only “FREE”, they are essentially making you $$$…assuming you use all the assets included.


  • Plerdy (Suite of conversion rate optimization tools to help you track, analyze, and convert your visitors into buyers.)


The following resources have been added or updated.


The How to Build an Online Business With the MyListing WordPress Theme educational series continues with a few new videos.

Please consider subscribing to the MyListing Club YouTube channel. It only takes 5 seconds and costs you nothing, but it would mean a lot. 🙏



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Listing Packages

  • All Starter Site Listing Packages (Adjusted for the NEW Pricing Table Switcher Add-on)

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  • All Starter Site Listing Types (Adjusted for the NEW Pricing Table Switcher Add-on)

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UPDATE: MyListing Starter Sites & Kits 🔥

NEW Pricing and NEW Payment Plans