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Duplicate listings

Save your customers time. Make their life easier. Keep them happy.

Turn your website into a revenue machine, creating loads of valuable content, and boosting traffic.

MyListing Website Content. Multiplied. Fast.

Duplicate Listings from the front-end, in just a few simple steps.

Choose Your Lising and
Click "Copy".
Select Your Package and
Click "Duplicate Listing".
Edit Your Listing and
Click "Save Changes".

Duplicate Listings Is for Everyone

Local Business

Have customers that need to quickly create multiple location-based listings with similar content, such as gyms, coffee shops, etc.? We have the solution!

Staff Members

Work or volunteer somewhere where you need to create similar listings, that will relate to a business listing, such as events or products? This is for you!

Site Contributors

Need people to create similar listings with a user-friendly form, rather than the intimidating back end of your MyListing website? You want to grab this plugin!
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