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We have partnered with the folks over at HelpNinja, bringing an exclusive deal to our members.

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Solution Overview

HelpNinja¬†is a powerful help desk system built for WooCommerce-based websites and has even powered the super-popular Astra theme’s support since 2018.

Powerful for you. Simple for your users.

The communication with your MyListing users looks like normal email and under the hood, your customers are backed by a powerful system to help them 24/7.

Centralized Communication Hub

MyListing user conversations across different teams, email addresses, and brands are available with your single login, with additional mailboxes a click away to easily switch and manage those as well.

  • See who is viewing or replying to emails in real-time, with ‘Collision Detection’.
  • Answer common questions quickly and efficiently with a couple of clicks, using ‘Saved Replies’.
  • Use ‘Private Notes’ to mention others and collaborate to solve problems.

Automation to Support at Scale

‘Workflows’ provides simple, set it and forget it automation to do the same tasks with speed and efficiency.

Other Interesting Features

  • Notifications – Receive notifications for any activities via your email, browser, and Slack.
  • Satisfaction Ratings – Your customers can let you know how you handled them by clicking the link in their email.
  • Search – Search emails, customers and conversations all at once with our advanced search.
  • 50 + Shortcuts – Answer customer queries swiftly like a ninja with our keyboard shortcuts.
  • Tags – Group emails with tags, so you can find them easily later.
  • Integrations – Add your favorite services like WordPress, MailChimp, Aweber, Shopify etc. to work with HelpNinja.

Deal Overview

Qualifying members that use our exclusive offer code, will get 15% OFF any purchase.

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