MyListing Club

How to Build a MyListing Starter Site Replica

I was recently approached by someone looking to create a replica of the Club’s Basecamp Starter Site for their client.

They had paid someone $99 on the Fiverr work platform to help with the task, but they were experiencing 1-2 week response times from the “Fiverr” for simple tasks.

Up against the clock, they asked me if they could buy the Basecamp Starter Site for $99 (75% OFF the Club’s retail price), so they could complete their project on time.

Pro Tip: You get what you pay for, and I recommend not using services that use a race-to-the-bottom pricing model because, as my father is famous for saying, “The quickest way to get a job done is to have to do it all over again.”

So, how could I help this person, given the amount of money they were looking to spend and what they wanted to get in return?

I pointed out that I give everyone the resources they need when building a Starter Site and followed that up with a promise to write a guide outlining the approach for replicating the Basecamp Starter Site.

Ultimate Membership

Signing up for the Ultimate Membership will have you well on your way to replicating one of the Club’s Starter Sites, but again, you must be willing to put in the work.

Rather than cover what’s included in the Ultimate membership, let’s cover what’s not included that you would get if you bought a Starter Site.

What's Not Included

  • The massive time and money savings by not using the MyListing Project Template to guide you through your build.
  • The time to install and configure WordPress (Menus, Taxonomies, etc.)
  • The time to install and configure WooCommerce up to the point where ‘subscription switching’ is functional.
  • The time (and money) to buy, install and configure WooCommerce Subscriptions.
  • The time (and money) to buy, install and configure WooCommerce Product Vendors.
  • The time (and money) to buy, install and configure UiPress.
  • The time (and money) to buy, install and configure Elementor Pro.
  • The time (and money) to buy, install and configure Permalink Manager Pro.
  • The time (and money) to buy and install Perfmatters.
  • The time to install and configure Thanks Redirect for WooCommerce.
  • The time to install the MyListing Parent and Child Themes.
  • The time to configure MyListing Theme Options.
  • The time to configure MyListing Taxonomies.
  • The time to add all individual pages. (Save time: Starter Site Kits)
  • The time to download and add the corresponding Templates(Save time: Starter Site Kits)
  • The time to import all Templates into all corresponding pages and adjust Elementor Display Conditions. (Save time: Starter Site Kits)
  • The time to configure Elmentor Global Site Settings, Global Colors, Display Conditions, etc. (Save time: Starter Site Kits)
  • The time to download and add the corresponding Master CSS Package.
  • The time to download and add the corresponding Listing Product Package.
  • The time to download and add the corresponding Listing Types.
  • The time to locate, download, and add the corresponding Code Snippets.

In the next section, I introduce ‘Starter Site Kits’ for those that want to save even more of their time and their sanity by eliminating some of the most time-intensive steps of the ones listed above.

Starter Site Kits

You are an Ultimate Member that put in a good amount of time thus far, you have taken full advantage of everything the membership offers, and now you’re interested in these time-saving Starter Site Kits. So, what the heck are they?

Starter Site Kits include all Elementor-based content, Elementor-based templates, and Elementor-based settings used to build a particular Starter Site and are available as a download that can easily be imported into an existing MyListing website.

Let's Do Some Math

We know Starter Sites are $399, so let’s start there and see how close we can get to that number, again, assuming we want to replicate the design and functionality of the Basecamp Starter Site.


The items below should get you everything you need to replicate the Basecamp Starter Site.

Let’s assume that you were able to, on average, use all of the premium plugins for 3 months before absolutely needing a critical update for the plugin and/or support from the vendor.

The above items have a minimum total value of $247.

Now, one could say I don’t want/need asset ‘x’ or asset ‘y’, and that’s fine, but again, the goal of this guide is to show you exactly what it would take to replicate the Basecamp Starter Site.


Once you factor in the minimum total value of $247 for the assets, you have a $152 “budget” to do all of the required labor. You will not be able to hire someone to bring your MyListing website across the finish line with that budget.

At this point, you have 3 options:

  • Lose a ton of your own time (and possibly money) to put in a ton of work yourself to bring all of the assets together to form a fully-functional Starter Site. Isn’t that all that time of yours worth more than $152?
  • Hire someone for $152 to build the entire site, which isn’t going to happen.
  • Buy a full Starter Site and focus your time and energy on building your business.

WooCommerce Subscriptions Ready

The latest version of the WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin is included (unlicensed) and once you have a Starter Site in hand, you can easily put in your own pricing, package features, graphics, etc.

Should you not wish to use WooCommerce Subscriptions, you can simply turn the Listing Subscription packages into standard MyListing packages in just a few clicks and be on your way.

  • WooCommerce Endpoint Design
  • WooCoommerce Subscriptions Setup
  • Listing Subscription Packages
  • Listing Subscription Switching
  • Stripe Payment Gateway Plugin
  •  and more…

Premium Assets

Get licensed, premium plugins, valued at over $600 in the first year alone, making a Starter Site investment a no-brainer.

You will get licensed copies of all the plugins listed below, with the exception of the WooCommerce Subscriptions and WooCommerce Product Vendors, and the licenses are yours to keep, for as long as the plugins remain on your website.

  • Elementor Pro ($49)
  • Perfmatters ($25)
  • Permalink Manager Pro ($45)
  • SEOPress Pro ($39)
  • UiPress ($39)
  • WooCommerce Product Vendors ($79) 
  • WooCommerce Subscriptions ($199)
  • WP Rocket ($49)