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How to Import a MyListing Listing Type

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Our How to Import a MyListing Listing Type guide shows you how to quickly and easily import a pre-configured Listing Type into your website.

Building Listing Types from scratch can be a daunting task, but with the help of this guide and our pre-configured Listing Types, that can be a thing of that past.


  1. Download the Listing Type config file.
  2. Listing Type > Add New.
  3. Give the Listing Type a title of “Place”. (Note: You can change this later.).
  4. Click Save Draft.
  5. Config > Import Config File
  6. Browse to the location of the downloaded config file and select the file.
  7. Click OK to confirm the replacement of the current config.
  8. Click Publish.


Once you have the Listing Type config imported, you can change its Title, Singular Name, Plural Name, etc. to whatever you like.

However, please be aware that depending on your website’s particular setup, you will need to update the settings to reflect the new Title of your Listing Type.

For example, since the MyCity Charlotte Starter Site uses the Listing Type name of “Place”, the core “Add Listing” page is set up to look for that Listing Type name.

If you were to change the Title of the Listing Type to “Shops”, then “Add Listing” page would lose it’s “connection” with the Listing Type.

A simple edit of that “Add Listing” page’s 27 > Add Listing Form Elementor widget would bring that connection right back.