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How to Install the MyLising Child Theme

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Our How to Install the MyLising Child Theme guide will show you how to easily implement this, allowing you to retain any custom code you add to the parent theme.

Without a child theme, any custom code you add to the theme will be potentially overwritten as the developers release future updates.

There are absolutely no downsides to having the Child Theme in place, so we recommend adding the install to your checklist as one of the first steps in implementing a MyListing website.


  1. Make a backup of your website, just to have, even though this is a low-risk implementation.
  2. Download the MyListing Child Theme from right here on our website. (Note: The child theme is also available if you were to perform a full download of the MyListing theme from Themeforest, but we provide the same file, for easier access, as a courtesy.).
  3. WordPress Dashboard > Appearance > Themes.
  4. Click the ‘Add New Theme’ box.
  5. Click the ‘Upload Theme’ button at the top of the page.
  6. Click the ‘Choose File’ button and browse to the file you downloaded in  Step 1.
  7. Click the ‘Install Now” button.
  8. Click on the newly-installed Child Theme box and click ‘Activate’.

That’s it! Congrats! Your custom code is now protected from future theme updates.