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Yearly Billing Now Available for Memberships πŸ‘‡

Save 20% when you sign up for a yearly plan or switch to a year plan.

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MyListing Resource Updates

The following resources have been added or updated this month.

Ultimate MyListing Add-ons

The Single Listing Character Counter is now available for FREE, as part of the Ultimate Club Membership.

MyListing Project Template

I spent a ton of time adding and updating task cards. Too many updates to mention them all here, but here are just some of the highlights.

  • NEW: Added a ‘Website Care’ section with corresponding tasks.
  • NEW: Added an ‘Up for Debate’ section with corresponding tasks.
  • NEW & UPDATED: ‘Launch’  tasks.
  • NEW & UPDATED: Several ‘Online Presence’ tasks.
  • NEW & UPDATED: Several ‘Performance’ tasks.
  • NEW & UPDATED: Links to pre-filtered Club resources.


The following guides are new or have been updated.


CSS Packages

Updated to address Explore page changes introduced by MyListing version 2.9.x.

Be well. Stay safe. Thank you for your continued support. πŸ˜Š

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WooCommerce Subscriptions Ready

The latest version of the WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin is included (unlicensed) and once you have a Starter Site in hand, you can easily put in your own pricing, package features, graphics, etc.

Should you not wish to use WooCommerce Subscriptions, you can simply turn the Listing Subscription packages into standard MyListing packages in just a few clicks and be on your way.

  • WooCommerce Endpoint Design
  • WooCoommerce Subscriptions Setup
  • Listing Subscription Packages
  • Listing Subscription Switching
  • Stripe Payment Gateway Plugin
  • Β and more…

Premium Assets

Get licensed, premium plugins, valued at over $600 in the first year alone, making a Starter Site investment a no-brainer.

You will get licensed copies of all the plugins listed below, with the exception of the WooCommerce Subscriptions and WooCommerce Product Vendors, and the licenses are yours to keep, for as long as the plugins remain on your website.

  • Elementor Pro ($49)
  • Perfmatters ($25)
  • Permalink Manager Pro ($45)
  • SEOPress Pro ($39)
  • UiPress ($39)
  • WooCommerce Product Vendors ($79)Β 
  • WooCommerce Subscriptions ($199)
  • WP Rocket ($49)