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Document Updated:  7/3/2020
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These terms govern your use of our online store, our services, our resources, and other offerings that we may provide via the mylisting.club website.

Please read the full terms, as they are the legally binding agreement.

For your convenience, we are providing you with a summary of the terms with the most important sections.

We offer refunds, but we do have some exceptions and conditions.

Customers that request refunds improperly (i.e. file a payment dispute with their banking institution) can severely hinder a vendor’s ability to use online payment processors going forward. Any payment disputes, made in bad faith (i.e. to intentionally avoid payment) may be subject to legal action.

When using the MyListing Club, you may receive licensing information (activation codes, license keys, etc.) and/or user credentials. These are meant to let us know that you (and your website) are entitled to updates and support.

Don’t share your credentials or use your licensing information on more websites than you paid for; otherwise, you and your websites will be blocked.

If you opt for our affiliate program, we have specific conditions on how to use our marks; please respect them.

In any case, we offer no liability, both for our Software and Services, and the use of our website and Software is under your own risk.

When you use our websites and Services, we may collect some information. This is defined in our Privacy Policy.

Please note that neither this Terms & Conditions nor the “In plain English” part of the Terms of Service may be used to interpret the meaning of this legal document.

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