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A MyListing Success Story

One of my very first MyListing clients (still is), just shared some exciting news with me, and I thought I would share it with you as well.

She is super busy running the business side of her directory and being a mother of two, but I’ve invited her to share her story with our community, in her own words, and it looks like that will happen here soon. In the meantime…

My Contribution

I do not want to make this about me (or the Club), but it would not be smart if I didn’t at least mention how it is I’ve helped my client over the years, and I’ll keep this super brief.

She hired me to build her MyListing website, years ago, before the MyListing Club even existed. Since then, I have been supporting her under MyListing Website Care, which allows her to focus on her business, and allows me to be her technology partner along her journey.

She is using the exact same technology stack I preach about every day, which includes Cloudflare Pro, Kinsta, and Perfmatters.

Book a MyListing Technology Audit with me, so we can look at the technology behind your business…together.

Directory Overview

At the heart of my client’s directory, it’s a community of profiles for women that all share the same common background in terms of their education, among other things. These women are highly educated, motivated, and active in the community. They are a global force to be reckoned with, for the good.

Given the above, her community is a magnet for potential sponsors, partners, etc. They want to be a part of it and they are willing to give a lot for that access.

Why We Are Here

My client has landed some BIG corporate sponsors. Think global, multi-billion (with a B) dollar companies and that is before the amazing news we just received today.

We just found out that a global hiring firm is on board, to offer money management perks and support for her community. But that’s not all!

While I’d LOVE to mention the other new sponsor by name, I can’t, but let’s just say it’s one of the biggest, most well-known companies in the world and they want to have a direct hiring connection with the community.

I’m so happy for her and to see what’s possible if you hustle and treat people the right way.

Number of Listings

She has 8,000 Listings and they are high-quality in terms of them being for a targeted niche. Her Listing owners are just like her in terms of the community they come from and the community (her directory) they are now a part of. More on this later, if/when she shares her story.

The ‘Number of Listings’ topic gets brought up a lot. What happens when I have 100,000 Listings? Can MyListing handle that? Will my website’s performance suffer? Guys, stop creating a problem you don’t yet have and even if you do have 100,000 Listings, you will be fine.

On the performance side, it’s not about the number of Listings. It’s about the number of concurrent users on your website and even then, they have to be interacting with the dynamic aspects (Listing Feeds, Explore Pages, Search, etc.) at the exact same time before there is anything to even consider.

As for the business side, again, it’s not about the number of Listings. Directories can (and should be) about more than just Listings, despite ‘Listing’ being in the actual name of the theme we use.

Directories can be a way for you, your partners, etc. to offer services to your community. They can be a way to help the world, offering things like finding shelter for animals, finding recycling centers, finding counseling professionals, finding educational events for climate change, and so much more.

When we are strictly speaking about Listings, it’s better to have 5,000, high-quality Listings than it is to have 100,000 that are mostly garbage.

People get so hell-bent on wanting to import hundreds of thousands of Listings, that it often stalls their projects, and if they do manage to get the imports right, the directory is then filled with low-quality Listings that does nobody any good.

We imported 0 Listings. She’s killing it by putting in the time.

Wrap Up

You too can have the success my client has had and continues to have. Invest in your technology. Invest in people that can help you with your technology, so you can focus on your business.

As I’ve said many times, the MyListing theme is just software. Without you and the people supporting you, that software is, well…still just software.

Go get ’em!

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