Calendr Extended Premium Trial

I’ve partnered with the folks over at Calendr, bringing an exclusive, extended 6-month trial for their ‘All-you-can-meet’ plan to MyListing Club members. You will get 75% OFF the retail price, so instead of paying $60 for 6 months, you only pay $14.99.

Calendr is a super simple, yet powerful booking solution for MyListing websites.

Imagine being able to offer all of your directory listing customers a FREE booking solution (up to 10 per month) without any feature restrictions and the opportunity to easily upgrade (unlimited bookings) when needed, using our exclusive offer.

Calendr is featured on our Starter Site (‘Basecamp’) and I’ve also written an in-depth, easy-to-follow guide specifically for the MyListing community that you can share with all of your Listing customers.

Ready to purchase and redeem your code to get 75% OFF? Simple.

  1. Purchase this product.
  2. Add a credit card to your Calendr account.
  3. Reach out to me for your unique coupon code.
  4. Apply your coupon code to your Calendr account.

IMPORTANT: There are no refunds for this product and that is because you can fully test Calendr without any restrictions, before buying this extended premium trial.

Have questions? Feel free to use the Club website’s chat feature to ask me anything about this exciting product.