ML Club Popup Anchor Menu

This can be seen in action here by clicking on any of the “Jump To Section” buttons.

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Elementor Pro

If you don’t already own Elementor Pro you have options.

The ML Club Popup Anchor Menu as it sits now is configured to link to areas on our Start Here page.

This was done by assigning a unique CSS ID to each section of our page, using Elementor, and then calling that ID within the menu links.

While this template is currently designed to call links on the same post/page, it can easily be tailored to link out to other areas of your website.

Once you import the template and edit it, this will become much clearer.

As always, feel free to reach out to us with questions.

  1. Import the template (Note: You can skip this if you already know how to import templates.)
  2. Add an Elementor widget to your post/page, to call the menu, such as a button.
  3. For the button link settings, click on “Dynamic” and select “Popup”.
  4. Click on “Popup” in the link area and choose this popup template as the one that should be opened.
  5. Adjust the imported template menu links to call the areas of your website you would like to call.
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