PetFinders Off-Canvas Header (Transparent)

This can be seen in action on our PetFinders Starter Site.

Be sure to check out our ML Off-Canvas Header (Solid) and ML Off-Canvas Menu templates for a comprehensive solution.

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Elementor Pro

If you don’t already own Elementor Pro, you have options.

The menu link is actually a button in disguise, that calls up our ML Off-Canvas Menu template (Elementor Popup) containing the website’s Primary navigation menu.

  1. Import the template (Note: You can skip this if you already know how to import templates.)
  2. Edit the template with Elementor.
  3. Make any needed adjustments such as applying your own logo, menu links, etc.
  4. Apply Display Conditions (Note: You can skip this if you already know how to apply Display Conditions.)
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