REACH – Listing Previews CSS Package

Styled with the overall brand in mind, this CSS package contains well-documented and organized custom CSS, that is used to style the Listing Previews of the REACH Starter Site.

This CSS is used to style anything that has to do with Listing Previews for this Starter Site.

  • Save Time and Money: Site owners don’t have to come up with their own CSS, download individual CSS Packages, or pay someone for custom CSS.
  • Overcoming MyListing Design Limitations/Bugs: There are areas (Elementor widgets, WooCommerce Endpoints, etc.) that require custom CSS in order to overcome design limitations/bugs.
  • Overcoming Plugin Design Limitations/Bugs: There are instances where plugins require custom CSS in order to overcome design limitations/bugs.

Note: All Starter Sites include a licensed copy of the WPCodeBox plugin, which is the solution we use to manage all custom code snippets. However, if you wish to unlock the ability to use the Cloud Snippet Repository and sync your code snippets between your websites, you will need to purchase your own WPCodeBox license. MyListing Club members gain access to a generous WPCodeBox discount.

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