MyListing Blueprints

Get started with a fresh copy of WordPress, MyListing, and Premium Assets so you can hit the ground running.

Blueprints to the Rescue

When you want to start fresh with a particular version of the MyListing theme, while getting a jump start on some premium assets, our blueprints have you covered.

We maintain the two latest versions of MyListing for you to pick from.

Premium Assets

We include the same core premium plugin stack that we use for every MyListing website project.

While we can’t license all of the assets within the Blueprint, we can license most of them.

MyListing License

We want to ensure that we’re supporting the 27 Collective team and the MyListing community as a whole, by not just handing out copies of the MyListing theme.

Only those who have purchased the MyListing theme on Themeforest are eligible to purchase a Blueprint.

What's the Process

It’s so easy we’re not sure you can call it a process.
1. Purchase
Once you place your order, we'll see it come through, so on to step #2 we go!

2. Delivery

Let us know which Blueprint you would like, when to deliver it, and where.

3. Enjoy!

After delivery, you'll have a fresh, up-to-date environment to start building.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s all this Blueprint mumbo jumbo? Glad you asked!

MyListing Blueprint Package

Simple. Transparent. Packed with value.


$ 99 one time
  • MyListing Blueprint
  • Blueprint Delivery
  • MyListing Theme
  • MyListing Child Theme
  • Elementor Pro
  • SEOPress Pro
  • WP Rocket
  • Perfmatters
  • WooCommerce Subscriptions

    (Not Licensed)
  • FREE Support via Facebook Group
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