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MyListing Duplicate Listings Plugin

Easily duplicate Listings from the front-end. Turn your website into a revenue machine.

Duplicate Listings Is for Everyone

It’s super simple to use and there’s nothing to configure. Install. Activate. Go!

Local Businesses

MyListing website owners with customers that need to quickly create multiple location-based Listings (e.g. Gyms, Coffee Shops, etc.) with similar content, can greatly benefit from this solution.

Staff Members

Those that are on staff and help with a MyListing website, but still prefer to work from the front-end to create multiple, similar Listings (e.g. Events, Products, etc.), that relate to the core business, this solution is for you.

Site Contributors

If you’re a MyListing website owner and have helpers that aren’t necessarily on staff (i.e. will not access the back-end), our solution gives contributors a simple, front-end solution.