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Key Features

Packed with goodness. All for the good of the MyListing community.

Beautiful. Custom.
Granular Design.

Say goodbye to MyListing websites that look like everyone else’s and build something unique!

MyListing Demo Sites.
On Steroids.

Starter Sites pick up where MyListing Demos leave off, furthering the groundwork so you can launch quickly and efficiently. 

Subscriptions Ready

I’ve set up and tested all aspects needed to start monetizing via Listing Subscriptions, using the WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin.

Lean. Mean.
Fighting Machine.

As a website performance optimization professional, I place a strong focus on keeping things simple, yet feature-rich, and beautiful.

Product Vendors Ready

I’ve set up and tested the starting aspects needed to monetize with a marketplace, using the WooCommerce Product Vendors plugin.


Follow along as I walk through the highlights of this MyListing Starter Site.
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Build Notes

Learn how I built this MyListing Starter Site.

Say goodbye to MyListing websites that look like everyone else’s and build something unique! I like to show MyListing website owners other styling options when it comes to MyListing websites.

Single Listing Sharing Design
By default, when Listings are shared using the ‘Share’ Quick Action, they are presented with the same design almost every MyListing website has, so I customized the design to fit the overall look of this particular Starter Site.

Single Listing Quick View Design
I added a dark background to the description area, changed the scrollbar color, and adjusted the default map zoom level of ’12’ that comes with MyListing, to ‘6’, to match the default map zoom shown throughout the Starter Site.

Promoted and Featured Listing Badges
Promoted badges are highlighted with a border using the primary accent color and a dark background. Featured badges are highlighted with the same border, but have a lighter-colored background. Both Promoted and Featured badges use a custom image, instead of the default ‘flash’ icon.

Listing Preview Card and Quick View Mobile Responsiveness
Out of the box, there are a couple of issues with the mobile responsiveness of these elements and I’ve addressed those issues, making them fully responsive.

  • Quick View icon missing on Preview Cards for smaller devices.
  • Quick View columns are too skinny and cut off the content on smaller devices.

Default Map Marker Image
I created a custom image that will serve as the default map marker for all Listings, on all maps (Explore pages, Quick View, etc.), and you can easily change this by either removing the image altogether or using mine as a guide for creating your own.

No-Bleed Bookmark Icon
By default, the Bookmark icon background color is not contained within the icon and bleeds outside the icon as a round background.

Custom No Comments Image for Reviews
By default, a “sad face” icon is displayed when there are no comments to show, and this is a missed opportunity to showcase your brand.

Custom Mobile Menu
To match the overall look of the website and add a little extra to the menu, I added a dark background, adjusted the colors of the icons, menu items, etc., added a logo, and more.

MyListing Dashboard
I added CSS to enable the ‘Dark Mode’ look, change the opacity of the stat boxes on hover, change the background color of the Listing cards on hover, and so much more.

WooCommerce Endpoints
Every endpoint was looked at and not only designed to match the overall look of the website but to also enhance how the data is presented for easier viewing of data from the user/customer point of view. I also fixed a lot of design issues that are seen when you combine the MyListing theme with WooCommerce, such as table misalignment, pagination misalignment, inconsistent colors, inconsistent font sizes, redundant/inaccurate wording, and more.

Dark Mode Direct Messages
To match the overall look of the website, the MyListing Direct Messaging feature was designed from top to bottom.

Listing Promotion Education
As shown in this video, I followed my How to Add Educational Features to MyListing’s Listing Promotions Flow guide to implement a link that will be used to educate users about Listing Promotions.

Platform Messages
Custom Messages (Success, Warning, Errors, etc.) are styled with the overall brand in mind.

Using Elementor’s built-in ‘Coming Soon’ feature, you can easily use the included Basecamp – Coming Soon template and eliminate the need for a Coming Soon/Maintenance plugin.

Note: This page will show you ALL the content available on this Starter Site, during your evaluation.

Using Elementor’s ‘Sitemap’ widget, a custom Sitemap page was built to display the following items and give MyListing website owners a foundation for further building out their Sitemap page.

  • Basecamp Core Pages
  • Basecamp Products
  • Post Categories
  • Post Tags
  • Listings
  • Categories
  • Regions
  • WooCommerce Product Vendors Implemented (MyListing Club Guide).
  • Designed to provide easier viewing, clearer calls-to-action, unique styling, to fix existing design flaws, all the way down to the most granular detail.
  • UiPress has been installed and configured to help modernize the look of the typical WooCommerce Product Vendors dashboard.
  • Loco Translate is used to fix the inconsistent text.

I partnered with the folks over at Calendr, bringing an exclusive, extended 6-month trial for their ‘All-you-can-meet’ plan to our community.

You will get 75% OFF the retail price, so instead of paying $60 for 6 months, you only pay $14.99.

Calendr is a super simple, yet powerful booking solution for MyListing websites.

Imagine being able to offer all of your directory listing customers a FREE booking solution (up to 10 per month) without any feature restrictions and the opportunity to easily upgrade (unlimited bookings) when needed, using our exclusive offer.

Calendr is featured on Basecamp and I’ve written an in-depth, easy-to-follow guide specifically for the MyListing community that you can share with all of your Listing customers.

Following my How to Switch to System Fonts and Boost MyListing Website Performance guide, we have implemented 100% System Fonts within Basecamp, so those who own Basecamp will have a faster website right away, without needing to take the time to implement System Fonts for themselves.

At the time of this writing, I had yet to see any MyListing website that had custom design work done for the Header Search widget, let alone incorporate transparency elements.

For Basecamp, I included a custom design for the Header Search widget, to accommodate both a transparent look and a non-transparent look.

Basecamp owners can easily choose the Header Search look (transparent vs. non-transparent) they want, on a per-page basis, by adjusting some simple CSS entries.

Out of the box, Basecamp is designed to use the transparent look on the Home page and the custom, non-transparent look applies to all other pages.

Note: If you love the look of Basecamp, but you don’t want to use this particular custom design, no worries, as all you need to do is remove the well-documented CSS and you will be right back the MyListing default Header Search styling.

At the time of this writing, I had yet to see any MyListing website incorporate transparency into the Basic Search Form widget.

For Basecamp, I wanted to show the MyListing community what this design would look like, and personally, I love the clean, modern look it provides.

Note: If you love the look of Basecamp, but you don’t want to use this particular custom design, no worries, as all you need to do is remove the well-documented CSS and you will be right back the MyListing default Header Search styling.

The tabs are designed with a transparent background to match the overall look of the website, and they have been moved up from their typical location, to overlap with the Gallery Header.

Overall Design

To match the dark look of the website, I added a dark background and adjusted the color of pretty much every element (icons, menu items, buttons, borders, etc.), designed the “clustered” Listings, and more.

Mobile Design

To match the overall look of the website, I added a dark background, adjusted the colors of the icons, menu items, buttons, etc., designed the “clustered” Listings, and more.

I removed the user dropdown menu, replacing it with a mega menu that was built using an Elementor popup, to not only give MyListing websites a more professional look but to also open up a number of opportunities for the website designer.

The custom mega menu will only apply to desktop views, as the mobile menu was touched up with a custom design of its own, however, the custom mega menu can easily be applied to mobile views by editing just one line of code.

I designed a Single Post Template that applies to all Gutenberg posts, using Elementor’s Display Conditions, and designed three Elementor-based posts that mimic the Gutenberg versions, giving you more flexibility.

The Elementor posts can be easily transitioned into their own template and applied to posts as desired, or you can use a duplication plugin to just clone an existing Elementor post and make any desired changes before publishing.

While MyListing does offer a bit of flexibility with permalink structure and automation of that structure, from an SEO standpoint there are still shortcomings, and if you want to specify and Parent/Child taxonomy relationship in MyLisiting URLs as just one example, you are out of luck without a custom solution.

I called upon the Permalink Manager Pro plugin, to make this possible and with the inclusion of this plugin (unlicensed) in the Starter Site, MyListing website owners can now get granular with their permalinks, as well as automate that process.

By default, any time a user would click on a Region taxonomy icon within a MyListing website, it would take them to an Explore page.

After building out Child Region Pages for the major cities, I wanted to provide a way to link to them, rather than link to the Explore page, so I enlisted the help of the Permalink Manager Pro plugin, along with a custom code snippet, to make this happen.

As a bonus, I designed Parent Region Pages for you to use or pull design elements from.

Since Basecamp is primarily about outdoor adventures, I thought it would be a nice addition to place current weather information on Region pages, and that functionality is provided by, which is a no-cost solution that can easily be adjusted to fit your desired settings and branding.

After the purchase of any Listing Package, customers are automatically redirected to the Reach Further page, where they can get some brief info for Listing Promotions, FREE Consultations, and more.

With the help of a plugin, the foundation is in place for MyListing website owners to create any custom redirect flows they would like.

I build Starter Sites with SEO in mind, guiding not only you but also your users when it comes to best practices.

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Built with the MyListing WordPress theme you have grown to love, only better.
$ 399 one time
  • MyListing Starter Site
  • Starter Site Delivery
  • Beautiful. Custom. Granular Design.
  • Custom Listing Flow and Educational Pages
  • Custom Blog Page and Single Post Template
  • Custom Pricing Tables and Listing Product Packages
  • WooCommerce Subscriptions Ready
  • WooCommerce Product Vendors Ready
    Basecamp and Vow
  • MyListing Project Template
  • UiPress (Licensed)
  • WPCodeBox (Licensed)
  • Premium Artwork
  • Private Facebook Group (Support)