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MyCity Charlotte

Designed as a turnkey solution for a local directory, MyCity Charlotte has the power and versatility to accommodate any type of directory you can dream up.

Unique to MyCity Charlotte

One of the goals for each Starter Site is to bring something unique to the table, that’s different from all the other Starter Sites.

Aside from having a completely different overall design, this Starter Site features Region Pages, Custom MyListing Permalinks, Region Listing Type, Content Switching, Current Weather, and some more tidbits here and there.

Until now, any time a user would click on a Region taxonomy icon, it would take them to an Explore page.

After building out what we call “Neighborhood Pages” (i.e. Region Pages), we wanted to provide a way to link to these Custom Region Pages, rather than link to Explore pages.

Enlisting the help of the Permalink Manager Pro plugin and a custom code snippet, we were able to make this happen.

While building out this site there was a Eureka Moment. Why not create and use a Listing Type that’s specifically for each Region.?

This seemed like a no-brainer, so a Listing Type was created for the neighborhoods, which can then take advantage of Related Listings to pull in Restaurants, Shops, etc.).

While MyListing does offer a bit of flexibility with permalink structure and automation of that structure, from an SEO standpoint there are still shortcomings.

In short, if you want to specify and Parent/Child taxonomy relationship in MyLisiting URLs, you’re out of luck without a custom solution.

We called upon the Permalink Manager Pro plugin again, to make this happen. With the inclusion of this plugin in the Starter Site, MyListing website owners can now get granular with their permalinks, as well as automate that process.

The ability to show a lot of content in a smaller amount of space is a great feature and we wanted to show MyListing website owners how this could work with their websites.

Using Crocblock’s JetTabs Switcher widget, we created a switcher that shows the Top Listings and the Latest Listings.

We also created a switcher the shows potential users/customers what their journey will look like if they Join and when they are ready to Explore.

We thought it would be a nice addition to place the Current Weather information on the Neighborhood (i.e. Region) pages.

This functionality is provided by a web service that has no cost and can easily be adjusted to fit your desired settings and branding.

Premium Assets. Included.

Get licensed, premium plugins, valued at over $530 in the first year alone, making a Starter Site investment a no-brainer.

Starter Site Pricing

Get your MVP to market before someone else beats you to it.

MyCity Charlotte

$ 399 one time
  • Built with the MyListing WordPress theme you have grown to love, only better, and include over $550 (annually) worth of Premium Assets.

  • MyListing Starter Site and Starter Site Delivery
  • Beautiful. Custom. Granular Design
  • Custom Listing Flow and Educational Pages
  • Custom Blog Page and Single Listing Template
  • Custom Pricing Tables and Listing Subscription Packages
  • WooCommerce Subscriptions Ready
  • MyListing Club Duplicate Listings Plugin
  • Elementor Pro (Licensed)
  • SEOPress Pro (Licensed)
  • Permalink Manager Pro (Licensed)
  • Crocoblock Suite (Licensed)
  • WP Rocket (Licensed) and "Safe Settings" Optimized
  • Perfmatters (Licensed) and "Safe Settings" Optimized
  • Perfmatters "Safe Settings" Optimized
  • MyListing Project Template
  • Premium Artwork
  • Support via Private Facebook Group

Premium Assets

Get licensed, premium plugins, valued at over $530 in the first year alone, making a Starter Site investment a no-brainer.

You will get licensed copies of all the plugins listed below, with the exception of the WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin, and the licenses are yours to keep, for as long as the plugins remain on your website.

  • Crocoblock Suite ($130)
  • Elementor Pro ($49)
  • Perfmatters ($25)
  • Permalink Manager Pro ($45)
  • SEOPress Pro ($39)
  • WooCommerce Subscriptions ($199)
  • WP Rocket ($49)