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This month was a busy one. Lots of content, partnerships, and progress on the upcoming ‘Fit’ Starter Site.

On the personal side of things, I mentioned last month that we were actively looking for a puppy so our dog Carris could always have a friend around to play with. I also mentioned that was officially out of craft beer.

I’m happy to report that Carris now has her friend and I stocked up on The Problem Solver by Benford Brewing.

Circle Community (Closed)

I closed the Online Business Network (OBN) community on Circle, which consisted of a MyListing Club sub-community. It wasn’t worth the investment (time and money) to keep this going when the adoption wasn’t there.

I heard something great here recently, “if you are not failing…you are not trying hard enough.”. That resonated with me. So, for now, you win…Facebook.

Club Membership (Plan Changes)

Prices have been slightly increased for NEW members only. This will NOT impact those with active subscriptions. If you already have a subscription, just keep that subscription active, and you’ll never see a price increase.

I added a new ‘Pro’ plan, which helps people access Partner Deals for less money ($4 less per month and $41 less per year).

The ‘Pro’ plan is also important because it’s the minimum plan that grants access to MyListing Club Guides and Code Snippets. All content from the MyListing Club website is now behind a paywall, except for the Build an Online Business Using the MyListing Theme guide.

I recommend checking out the MyListing Club YouTube channel to get FREE instructional material.


Resources & Services

The following resources and/or services have been added or updated.


I continued the How to Build an Online Business With the MyListing WordPress Theme educational series.

Please consider subscribing to the MyListing Club YouTube channel. It only takes 30 seconds and costs you nothing, but it would mean a lot. πŸ™


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UPDATE: MyListing Starter Sites & Kits πŸ”₯

NEW Pricing and NEW Payment Plans