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Building a new MyListing website from existing data? Bought a MyListing Starter Site and need to move your current MyListing data to it?

This service will help you migrate your MyListing data (Listings, Posts, Products, etc.) and includes all migration software.

How It Works

Step 2:

Your project will be reviewed by the Club's developer partner.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve partnered with an extremely talented full-stack WordPress developer, and he will be handling your Import/Export project.

This is the same developer who helped me build products like the MyLIsting Pricing Table Switcher.

Only the satisfaction of helping the MyListing community make valuable, trustworthy connections.Ā 

I’m not involved in this service other than to communicate its availability and I do not make any money from it.

  1. Submit your project using the form on this page.
  2. The Club’s developer partner will review your project.
  3. You and the developer partner will work through the details of your project.
  4. The Import/Export project moves forward at the discretion of the developer partner.

A client of mine had a MyListing website running for quite some time.

Once I released the Fit Starter Site, they wanted to use it to refresh their old site while retaining their existing data.

So, this is how the process went for them.

  1. Purchased the Starter Site.
  2. Used this service to migrate their data to the Starter Site.
  3. Customized the Starter Site with their branding, content, etc.
  4. Relaunched their newly designed MyListing website.

I’m confident you will be in good hands with the Club’s developer partner, but I understand that projects can sometimes have challenges.

While I welcome your feedback (Good or Bad) about this service, ultimately, you and Club’s developer partner will need to work through any issues that may arise.

It depends on the project, but communication with the Club’s developer partner is one of the most significant factors.

To have the best chance of having your project accepted as part of this service, I highly recommend providing as much information as possible and being clear about your objectives.

No. Iā€™m a customer and advocate for the MyListing theme.

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