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Make Money. Selling Websites You're Proud Of.

Have a MyListing website you've poured your time, money, and energy into? What if you could get some of that money back?

I'll take a copy of your website, make it Starter Site-ready, and sell it on the Club website with you taking ongoing commissions.

This service is first come, first served.

I will only be working on one “flip” at a time, so I can give it the attention it deserves. The sooner you get your project in the queue…the better!

How It Works

Step 2:

Your website's design and functionality will be reviewed, as well as any included assets.

Frequently Asked Questions

I put a lot of time into the Starter Sites I build and take great pride in them.

When evaluating websites I might list for sale on the Club website, they have to be of the same quality (or very close to it) as the Starter Sites I build so customers get the quality they are used to.

This is super important. Please make sure you fully understand what’s laid out below.

  1. Submit your website using the form on this page.
  2. I’ll review the front end, looking at the overall design and functionality.
  3. If the website passes the front-end inspection, I’ll consider the assets included (images, data, etc.).
  4. If the website passes the front-end inspection and I’m good with the assets being included/not included, we’ll discuss reviewing the backend.
  5. If your website passes all the above, we will move forward.
  6. We will work together to get me a clone of your Live website.
  7. Once I have the clone, I’ll complete the flipping process.
  8. Once the flipping is done, I’ll list the finished product as a Starter Site on the Club website, and you will get a commission for every website sale.

Be sure to view the other questions in this FAQ for further clarification.

Your “flipped” website will be sold on the MyListing Club website, and you will get a 20% (up to $80 per sale) commission every time the website is sold.

Other than helping the MyListing community, I do not see compensation unless the community is excited about and purchases the Starter Site.

Since all the risk is on me and there is a lot for me to do and cover administratively, I take 80% of every sale.

I’m on the hook for…

  • Labor (the “flipping” process)
  • Hosting
  • Maintenance
  • Support
  • Licensing
  • Marketing
  • and more.

It depends on the project, but one of the most significant factors is the artwork that’s included/not included.

If I have to replace most (or all) of the artwork (images, graphics, etc.), that can significantly delay things and may cause a website not to be accepted into the marketplace.

To have the best chance of having your project/website accepted as part of this service, I highly recommend including most (if not all) of the artwork.

Once I start the “flipping” process, the Club becomes the owner of the “flipped” (copied, duplicated, cloned, etc.) version of the website and retains all rights to it.

This is how I justify the risk I’m taking to make this all happen and potentially not make any money from it.

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