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We are committed to bringing you the best Starter Sites, Guides, Templates, Discounts, CSS Packages, and more to help your MyListing website thrive.

In the following guide, we’ll take you through each step leading up to the building of a website with the MyListing theme.

Is MyListing Right for Me?
Becoming a MyListing Customer
Don’t Go at It Alone
Define Your MyListing Model
Implement a Solid Foundation
Build Your MyListing Website
Save Money

Is MyListing Right for Me?

If you’ve found yourself wanting to make an online directory for yourself or for a client, you’ve come to the right place.

Out of the box, MyListing includes the essential core elements to do just that.

What Is MyListing?

MyListing is a premium WordPress theme that comes integrated with industry-leading tools (Elementor, WooCommerce, etc.), and is the best choice for building any type of online directory.

MyListing gives you everything you need to build an online business and start monetizing from day 1.

Even those with little to no experience can get started with MyListing, by importing one of the fully-functional Demos.

As of this writing, MyListing has a 4.89 rating (out of 5) and has sold over 10,000 copies.

These statistics are not surprising when you come to learn how talented, dedicated, and responsive the team is.

MyListing includes a powerful listing type creator with built-in custom fields, and so much more.
Integration with Elementor - the world's leading WordPress front-end page builder for all skill levels.
Woocommerce integration to monetize listing submission, promotion or to sell regular products

What Makes MyListing Different?

In addition to being incredibly powerful and cost-effective, MyListing, unlike its competitors, comes with a thriving community that’s rare to come by.

From lending a helping hand in the official Facebook group to offering advice and counsel, the MyListing community is rife with helpful, insightful, and talented individuals.

More than just a tool or piece of software, MyListing opens incredible doors for its users to try their hands at building online businesses and to explore completely new career avenues.

Who Should Use MyListing?

MyListing is easy to use, in that it does not require any “coding” skills and is an excellent website building solution, for beginners to experts.

At the same time, the MyListing framework can be extended into many different areas, and as a result, is also a great platform for seasoned developers to explore.

If you fall into the first category, as a non-developer, you may find yourself wanting to build a directory website but:

  • You don’t know a thing about coding and have absolutely no inclination to start learning a coding language.
  • You don’t have a lot of time to spend researching different website build options and selecting between a million themes, plugins, and tools.
  • You don’t want to break the bank by spending too much money on custom development in order to build your MVP (Minimum Viable Product).

If this sounds like the situation you’re currently in, then MyListing is for you.

With MyListing you’ll be able to build your dream directory website quickly, easily, and for a relatively low cost.

Become a MyListing Customer

Once you’ve decided that you’re ready to join the MyListing family, you’ll need to purchase the MyListing theme from the Themeforest platform.

We encourage you to keep your support license current. 

In doing so, you’re helping the team continue to push the MyListing theme forward. Everybody wins!

Don't Go At It Alone

Over the years, we’ve seen so many MyListing projects that have stalled or completely shut down, for a myriad of reasons, most of which could have been avoided.

It’s very tempting to just sign up for cheap website hosting, install MyListing, drop in one of the Demos, install random plugins, and push forward. We get that…but it rarely works.

One of the most amazing things about using MyListing is the fact that you’ll automatically become part of a thriving global community.

In this community, you’ll find more than just people that make websites with MyListing.

You’ll find makers and creators, helpers, and collaborators. You’ll find people who’ll help you if you get stuck and people who’ll guide you.

MyListing Helpdesk

We recommend registering an account with the official MyListing helpdesk, right after you become a paying customer.

Even if you don’t need to request support right away, you want to have this place before you actually need it.

The MyListing team is very responsive and they often go out of their way to assist with guidance on topics that aren’t directly related to the theme itself.

MyListing Users Facebook Group

There may be times when you’re looking for support that falls outside of the scope of the helpdesk or you’re hoping for an immediate response from other community members in your time zone.

That’s where the official Facebook group might be a good option, but keep in mind it’s not an official support channel.

MyListing Club Facebook Group

Our Facebook group focuses on building businesses with MyListing, rather than support issues, but we try to help out whenever possible.

If you go to sign up for our group, we will remind you that we are not an official support channel, and any support we give is on a voluntary or paid basis.

So, drop-in, say hello, and introduce yourself. We all have something to contribute, so don’t just be a lurker!

MyListing Club Website

As customers of the MyListing theme ourselves, it has been important for us to know as much about the theme as possible while giving back to the community.

Since the early days of the MyListing theme, we’ve been producing and sharing guides, code snippets, design inspiration, etc., at no cost.

We will continue to produce the quality of content the community has come to expect from us, with some content being premium, paid content.

In addition to all of the resources provided on this website, we provide a number of services to help you on your MyListing journey.

MyListing Club YouTube Channel

To go along with our written content, we produce video content that’s available at no cost.

We recommend subscribing to our channel to see what we come up with next.

Other Notable Facebook Groups

Define Your MyListing Model

The process of defining your MyListing model is one of the most challenging aspects when it comes to building a MyListing website.

It’s not just about the overall difficulty, but also the time commitment.

There will be a temptation to jump in headfirst and start building out your website, without giving it a ton of thought, but we highly encourage you to take the time to map things out first, as best you can, before you start to build your website.

One of the benefits of mapping things out, is you then have that reference ready to go, should you look to seek advice and/or hire someone to help you build out your MyListing website.

You don’t need to map things out 100%. In fact, that’s pretty much impossible, as you will discover different/better ways to do things along the way. 

  • Listing Types: What Listing Types will you have? What fields will you use within each Listing Type?
  • Taxonomies: What categories will you have? What Regions will you use? Will you have Custom Taxonomies?
  • Packages: What types of packages (Listing Package, Subscription Package, etc.) will you have? What’s included in each? How will you present them?
  • User Support: How will you provide support for your users? Contact form? FAQ page?
  • Marketing: Will you provide an email onboarding sequence? Are you going to provide upsells at checkout?

Modeling Toolset

We recommend bootstrapping your toolset (i.e. spending money only when it’s absolutely necessary) and investing where it really counts, like premium website hosting.

With that in mind, all of the tools below are FREE.

Project and Task Management

Our preferred tool for project and task management is Asana.

It’s the very first thing we use when starting up a new project for ourselves or for a client.

We have yet to need more than the Basic (Free) plan, which allows you to collaborate with up to 15 teammates.

For those with a qualifying MyListing Club membership, you’ll get access to our ML Asana Project Template, that’s continuously maintained.

Mylisting Club Start Here Asana

Sitemap and User Flow

Our preferred tool for mapping out a MyListing website’s page structure (i.e. sitemap) and the user/customer journey throughout the website (i.e. user flow) is FlowMapp.

  • Sitemap: You have the ability to not only create the structure of your entire website, but you can also design the layout of your post and pages.
  • User Flow: Imagine being able to map out the journey your users, customers, and vendors will take, from the moment they hit your MyListing website for the first time.
Mylisting Club Start Here Flowmapp

Implement a Solid Foundation

Having a solid foundation is critical in order to avoid derailing your project before it even gets off the ground.

We often see MyListing website owners sinking too much time, energy, and resources into fixing/tweaking their foundation, rather than building their business

Start off your business the right way and save your sanity.

Website Hosting

Websites need a space to exist. This ‘space’ or ‘hosting’ is done on a server, and that server space should be purchased through a reputable hosting company.

If you haven’t already purchased hosting or you’re looking to change vendors, we recommend Kinsta.

Kinsta is fast, secure, and easy to manage right from the start.

This is extremely beneficial for MyListing website owners, as there are so many other moving parts to focus on when building an online business.

All of our MyListing websites and all of our MyListing client websites are hosted at Kinsta.

We know this hosting inside and out, so we can confidently recommend it, as well as assist you with carving out your own space.

Please see our Kinsta Hosting for MyListing Websites guide, to learn how to set up an account, perform the initial set up, and to see why we prefer them.

We can assist you with migrating or setting up your Kinsta website hosting when you use our affiliate link.

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions or to let us know you’ve used our link and would like assistance.

Mylisting Club Start Here Kinsta

Obtain the MyListing Theme Files

Once your website is ready to go with WordPress, it’s time to get your hands on the MyListing theme files.

Head over to the Themeforest website and log in to your account.

From your Themeforest account, navigate to Downloads and choose to download Installable WordPress file only for the MyListing theme.

Perform the MyListing Theme Install

Next up is loading the MyListing theme into your WordPress website.

Log into your WordPress dashboard, navigate to Appearance > Themes, and click the Add New button at the top.

Click Upload and select the .zip file downloaded from the Themeforest website. Click Install and wait for the MyListing theme files to reflect.

Once MyListing has installed, click Activate and, voilà, your WordPress website is officially running MyListing!

We highly recommend using the child theme for every MyListing website, regardless of whether you’re planning to apply custom development right away.

For your convenience, you can download the MyListing Child Theme from our website.

Create Your Staging Environment

With your website’s production environment in place, you want to set up a staging environment.

Staging is extremely important, as it will be at the area where you test new plugins, work with external users (e.g. vendors) to troubleshoot issues, and more.

In short, nothing should touch your production website, until it has been thoroughly vetted on your staging website.

If you happen to use Kinsta, please refer to our Kinsta Hosting for MyListing Websites guide, which covers how to create your staging website. They make it super easy!

Regardless of your website hosting vendor, creating a staging website should be very easy.

If your hosting company doesn’t offer staging websites, we recommend you make a switch as soon as possible, as that’s a big red flag.

Install the MyListing Demo Files

At this point, you should have your staging website in place, which includes your MyListing install, and the core plugins required for the theme.

Now, we want to import one of the MyListing Demos.

While you can import one of the older, but more specialized Demos, we recommend installing the main Demo, which has everything you need and is the latest representation of what’s possible with MyListing.

To install the main Demo, go to Theme Tools > Demo Import, and click the Import button next to MyListing (Main Demo).

Build Your MyListing Website

You are in an excellent position to begin building an online business with the MyListing theme, using the solid foundation you have put in place, the resources available to you, and people that are ready to back you on your journey.


While some may want to come up with a design that’s completely their own, sometimes we all need a little inspiration here and there.

There are a number of places you can find examples of what’s possible with the MyListing theme.

Build. Break. Fix. Repeat.

On your staging website, dive into the Demo, and see how things were built. Try new things (plugins, shortcodes, code snippets, etc.) out. 

Learn everything you can to empower yourself, knowing that you can reset your staging environment as many times as you would like.

Build it for real

Congratulations! It’s go time!

You’re now ready to apply everything you’ve learned, follow any trusted advice you’ve received, etc. and build your live website.

Save Money

One of our primary focuses is to help MyListing website owners save money, and here are some of the ways we help.


We are partnering with some of the more well-named vendors in the industry, bringing you their solutions at a discount and/or with accompanying bonuses.

Managed Licensing

MyListing website owners can rent premium solutions at a significantly lower price point while taking on less risk compared to purchasing outright.

Member Giveaways

Every month we give away Club Cash to lucky winners, that can be put towards products like our Starter Sites, Duplicate Listings Plugin, Website Maintenance, Kinsta Hosting, Managed Licensing, and more.

Referral Program

Our Give $8 and Get $16 program rewards existing members and those that sign up using their invitation.

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