Single Listing Character Counter

Better Onboarding. Reduced Abandonment. Increased Monetization.

Are you limiting the number of characters for certain fields within your Listings? If yes, this add-on is critical to your MyListing website.

Without this add-on, you risk frustrating potential Listing owners to the point where they bail and never return. With this add-on, you are letting Listing owners know how many characters they have used before they hit the submit button.

How It Works

Step 2:

Adjust the code snippet to match the requirements and fields of your own Listing Types.

Step 3:

Providing Listing Owners with a better onboarding experience benefits everyone.🤓


Frequently Asked Questions

You will get an add-on (i.e. code snippet) that is super easy to implement on your MyListing website.

This add-on not only lets Listing Owners know how many characters they can use but also lets them know how many characters they have remaining.

Depending on the site, the add-on potentially eliminates the need for adding an educational description to text-based fields.

Although not required, I recommend WPCodeBox for implementing the code snippet, not just for the optimization benefits (i.e., only applying the code to the Submit Form rather than the entire website) but for all the other reasons Why I Switched to WPCodeBox for Code Snippet Management.

If using WPCodeBox, you’ll simply create a new code snippet, paste in the downloaded code from the Club, and use the following settings for the snippet.

  • Snippet Title: ‘Single Listing Character Counter’ or whatever you’d like.
  • Snippet Type: PHP
  • Where to run the snippet: Frontend

If you’re not using WPCodeBox, other plugins allow you to add code snippets to your website, or you can also add the code using MyListing’s Custom Code area, as outlined below. 

MyListing’s Custom Code Area

  1. Theme Tools > Theme Options > Custom Code > Raw Code. 
  2. Paste in the code. (Important: Do not copy the code before <script> or after </script>.).

This add-on will work for any text-based fields as long as you DO NOT use the WordPress (WYSIWYG) Editor.

For example, if you set the ‘Type’ dropdown of the ‘Description’ field to ‘WP Editor’, this add-on will not work. Instead, you need to use the ‘Textarea’ type.

Great question! By default, the add-on configures the following fields.

  • Tagline (68 Characters)
  • Description (400 Characters)
  • Bonus Description (1200 Characters)

Want to remove the  ‘Bonus Description’, for example? Simply remove the following line from the code snippet.


Want to add a ‘Super Bonus Description’ , for example? Simply add  the following line to the code snippet.


Yep, super easy!

Simply target the ‘.char-count’ class and add your desired styling. For example, if you would like to change the font color to red, you would use the following CSS.

.char-count { color: red; }


You can see this LIVE, by adding a Listing on the Vow Starter Site and viewing the Tagline field.

Yes. You can start a conversation in the MyListing Club Community.

Another great question!

If you purchase this add-on, you can use it on an unlimited number of websites that you own.

I would ask that you consider buying a copy for each site you build for a client, especially since the cost is so low and it can easily be included in your overall build quote.

The Club maintains a policy of no refunds for digital, downloadable products.

Nope. I’m a customer and advocate for the MyListing theme.