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Updates for April 2020

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This is our summary for the month of April, covering everything that’s been going on within the club, general announcements, resource updates, discounts, and anything else that we feel is important to get out there.

As was the case with the month of March, we continued with a focus on content this past month.

We uploaded all of our existing templates and added some new ones to the Explore MyListing Club site.

The Explore MyListing Club website also saw design/functionality changes to allow more Listing Types (Starter Sites, CSS Packages, and Guides.)

We are still working on a new full-blown Starter Site, but in the meantime, we have released a new offering dubbed “MyListing Blueprints“.

New to the Club are CSS Packages.

We ran another, slightly different, monthly 2 Hour Support Giveaway. as well as a new 1 Hour Support Giveaway.

Last but not least, we were able to form a partnership with the folks behind the Permalinks Manager Pro plugin, and they were kind enough to provide a discount for our community.

General Updates

Service Updates

Resource Updates

2 Hour Support Giveaway (Ultimate Members)

We are continuing on with our monthly 2 Hour Support Giveaway for our Ultimate Members.

This giveaway changed a slight bit, giving more ways to enter and ways to provide feedback on particular topics.

1 Hour Support Giveaway (Premium and Elite Members)

Due to the crazy times ahead of us, we wanted to give all of our members a chance to win some FREE support

While our 2 Hour Support Giveaway is only for Ultimate Members, this is a giveaway for our Premium and Elite members.

Managed Licensing

Managed Licensing is rolling along, with a recent selling out of our WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin licenses.

We have 5 licenses remaining for our Termageddon offering, which provides policies for your website that automatically update whenever the laws change.

Kinsta Website Hosting

Our Kinsta hosting offering is still rocking as we inch closer to the next tier.

In reaching the next tier, we will be able to lower the pricing across the board again and increase PHP workers to 12 per site.

So, you can get over 50% off per site per month, depending on your membership level, and 6x the number of PHP workers!

It’s worth repeating that If you’re waiting on the deal to get sweeter before signing up, you may want to reconsider, as we won’t hit the next tier until enough people are signed up.

Stay in the know!

What’s new. What’s changed. What’s happening.