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Updates for April 2021

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This is our summary for the month of April, covering everything that’s been going on within the Club, general announcements, resource updates, deals, and anything else that we feel is important to get out there.

🔥 NEW: As part of our CSS Hero partnership, we ran a contest where 3 lucky winners were given a CSS Hero Starter subscription valued at $19 each.

🔥 NEW: We formed a partnership with Hoverify to bring their all-in-one browser extension and suite of tools to our community, so MyListing website owners can enhance their website design and development experience while boosting their productivity.

🔥 NEW: As part of our AffiliateWP partnership, we ran a contest where one lucky winner was given an AffiliateWP license valued at $149.

🔥 UPDATE: We strengthened our partnership with Cloudways, giving our community 20% OFF the first 3 months of hosting, up from just 1 month, when using coupon code MYLISTINGCLUB at checkout.

🔥 UPDATE: Toolkit for Elementor, WP Rocket, and Perfmatters is now available to anyone on the Club’s Kinsta plan, anyone covered under a qualifying MyListing Care plan, and all Ultimate Club members.

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What’s new. What’s changed. What’s happening.