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Updates for July 2020

What's new. What's changed. What's happening.

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This is our summary for the month of July, covering everything that’s been going on within the Club, general announcements, resource updates, discounts, and anything else that we feel is important to get out there.

As we typically do after a Starter Site launch, we shifted our focus back towards content and resources, but this time it was more about polishing up, and getting the Explore MyListing Club further populated.

August will be a shift back to Starter Sites and we may even have a trick up our sleeves!  💪

Part of the content push was spending time on the Club website itself, doing extensive on-page SEO, simplifying yet enhancing the overall design, etc., with the goal of extending our reach and becoming even more appealing to potential vendor partners.

We also spent a lot of time on performance optimization, with the help of Permatters, WP Rocket, and ShortPixel AI, to further enhance the user experience when using the Club’s website.

🔥 NEW: The Explore MyListing Club website was feeling left out, so we added the same chatbot to it that we use here on this website=, with the goal of helping people on their journey.

🔥 POTENTIAL: We are in talks with a well-known form vendor. This could be a game-changing solution if it works out the way we hope. More to come here.

🔥 POTENTIAL: We are in talks with a well-known Anti-Spam vendor. Club members will get a nice perk when signing up with our link, but more to come on that later.

We ran another monthly 2 Hour Support Giveaway and 1 Hour Support Giveaway.

Another set of giveaways will kick off at the start of next month, so be sure to sign up for a Club membership before August 1st in order to be eligible.

Stay in the know!

What’s new. What’s changed. What’s happening.

WooCommerce Subscriptions Ready

The latest version of the WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin is included (unlicensed) and once you have a Starter Site in hand, you can easily put in your own pricing, package features, graphics, etc.

Should you not wish to use WooCommerce Subscriptions, you can simply turn the Listing Subscription packages into standard MyListing packages in just a few clicks and be on your way.

  • Custom WooCommerce Endpoint Design
  • WooCoommerce Subscriptions Setup
  • Listing Subscription Packages
  • Listing Subscription Switching
  • Stripe Payment Gateway Plugin
  •  and more…

Note: The latest version of the WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin is included, but you need to purchase your own license or sign up for a qualifying MyListing Website Care plan if you wish to receive future plugin updates and support.

Premium Assets

Get licensed, premium plugins, valued at over $600 in the first year alone, making a Starter Site investment a no-brainer.

You will get licensed copies of all the plugins listed below, with the exception of the WooCommerce Subscriptions and WooCommerce Product Vendors, and the licenses are yours to keep, for as long as the plugins remain on your website.

  • Admin 2020 ($39)
  • Crocoblock Suite ($130)
  • Elementor Pro ($49)
  • Perfmatters ($25)
  • Permalink Manager Pro ($45)
  • SEOPress Pro ($39)
  • WooCommerce Product Vendors ($79) 
  • WooCommerce Subscriptions ($199)
  • WP Rocket ($49)