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Updates for May 2020

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This is our summary for the month of May, covering everything that’s been going on within the club, general announcements, resource updates, discounts, and anything else that we feel is important to get out there.

🔥 The focus this month has been Starter Site 3, which is set to drop this week

🔥 There are a number of new resources (templates, snippets, etc.) that have been either added or updated this month. Be sure to check back this week, as Templates, CSS Packages, etc, from the new Starter Site start to pour in. 

New to the Club is a discount from yellowwave, for their MyListing Toolkit Pro plugin, which brings the full functionality of Elementor Pro to the MyListing theme, allowing you to create custom, dynamic layouts for multiple parts of the theme.

We ran another monthly 2 Hour Support Giveaway and 1 Hour Support Giveaway. New to these giveaways were Starter Site discounts and we’re running this same set of giveaways for the month of June!

As part of our Managed Licensing, we are now offering the RafflePress (Growth-level package) as a monthly cost, rather than annual. So, now everyone can get their hands on it for much less of an initial investment.

🔥 Last but not least, we are in talks to two very popular vendors/solutions about forming new partnerships. Hoping to have some exciting news for everyone soon.

Kinsta Hosting

We keep saying it, but our Kinsta hosting offering is so darn close to reaching that next level. Again, if you are on our plan, it is in your interest as well to help us get people signed up

In reaching the next tier, we will be able to lower the pricing across the board again and increase PHP workers to 12 per site.

So, you can get over 50% off per site per month, depending on your membership level, and 6x the number of PHP workers! 🚀

It’s worth repeating that If you’re waiting on the deal to get sweeter before signing up, you may want to reconsider, as we won’t hit the next tier until enough people are signed up.

Stay in the know!

What’s new. What’s changed. What’s happening.