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Updates for October 2020

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This is our summary for the month of October, covering everything that’s been going on within the Club, general announcements, resource updates, discounts, and anything else that we feel is important to get out there.

October was a month that came with a focus on content and partnerships.

🔥 NEW: We have completely revamped our Affiliate Program with our implementation of AffiliateWP, which is arguably the versatile and powerful affiliate marketing software available for WordPress.

🔥 NEW: We have formed a new partnership with the team behind HelpNinja, to bring a WooCommerce-focused helpdesk solution to our community.

🔥 NEW: We have formed a new partnership with the team behind WP Time Capsule, to bring a WooCommerce-focused backup solution to our community.

📒 CHANGE: We are sunsetting all of our monthly Giveaways due to a lack of participation, but we will absolutely run giveaways from time to time.

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What’s new. What’s changed. What’s happening.