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With you every step of the way

Our team has had our hands on 100s of MyListing websites, whether we’ve built them from scratch, helped fill in project gaps, consulted on monetization strategies, or performed one-off tasks.

No matter where you are in the process of building your MyListing website, we are happy to jump in and lend a hand. As you start to think about building your MyListing website, we recommend that you Don’t Go at It Alone.

How it works

We have found that hourly-based pricing works best for MyListing projects. More specifically, pre-paid hours.

In our experience, there are too many moving parts and too many factors to make fixed pricing work. Using hourly-based prices works great because it not only keeps the client engaged, it allows them to work at their own pace.

Once the project/task briefing is complete, hours are purchased, a team and project board is created in Asana. We have a board template specifically created for building MyListing websites from scratch, so that will be used to help save some of the project hours.

With the pre-paid hours on the books, we can work at your pace and your time does not expire. If you find you need something else down the road, you can simply reach out to us and we’ll clock in again.

If we overshoot on the time estimate, we are happy to refund your remaining time, minus an hour, for administrative time/costs.

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