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Kinsta continues to be our recommended website hosting vendor for MyListing website owners that want all the bells and whistles but with a simplicity that allows you to focus on building your business…not tinkering with server technology.

While Kinsta doesn’t offer discounts, we always wondered if there was something we could do to help our community save money and/or get more for what they were paying for.

We are excited that we’ve found a way to make this a reality!

What is Kinsta Website Hosting?
MyListing Club as Your Kinsta Partner
Free Website Migrations to Kinsta

What is Kinsta Hosting?

Kinsta is a managed WordPress hosting provider that helps take care of all your needs regarding your website. They run their services on cutting-edge technology and take support seriously.

Modern Dashboard
Say goodbye to clunky and dated cPanels. Create SSL certificates, manage your staging environment, use the built-in find and replace tool, etc., with a simplified, yet very powerful interface.

Powerful Analytics
Your dashboard lets you track important data for each of your sites separately; such as visitors, bandwidth usage, response times, and more.

Instant Support
Have an issue? No problem. Simply pop open the support chat right from your dashboard and a professional will be there to assist…instantly!

MyListing Club as Your Kinsta Partner

We have arranged a deal for our community, procuring a substantial hosting package with Kinsta that will save you money and give you more at the same time.

Kinsta Hosting on Your Own

If you go direct to Kinsta, that is perfectly fine. One reason you might want to do this is to have the ability to upgrade/downgrade your plan. However, that is where the benefits stop and you lose out.

Aside from having control of plan changes, there really is no reason to not go through the club for Kinsta hosting.

Additionally, if you ever did want to change plans, you could simply cancel your hosting subscription with us and do your own thing.

We offer Free migrations to Kinsta and could help you get your own hosting.

Kinsta Hosting through the Club

We have thought about this from every angle. There is absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain if you go through the club.

There is no catch. We are not here to trick you into buying something. This is us trying to help the community.

Free Website Migrations to Kinsta

Kinsta is for MyListing website owners that want all the bells and whistles (speed, support, etc.) but with a simplicity that allows them to focus on building their business…not tinkering with server technology.

We are offering free website migrations to Kinsta for club members only.

Why You Should Let Us Help
How It Works

Kinsta Migrations to Date


Why You Should Let Us Help

While you could go straight to Kinsta, purchase your plan and have them perform the migration for you, there are some good reasons to let us help you.

We don’t charge for helping with the migration process when you use our Kinsta affiliate link.

We are on your schedule. When you request a migration from Kinsta, you are on their schedule, rather than yours. This can sometimes be a 24+ hour turnaround depending on their workload. What if you could have your website migrated on your schedule? We can typically migrate your website as soon as you’re ready.

We do more. As part of the migration, we can help you set up and configure a Free Cloudflare account to further optimize your website’s performance. We can also help you configure optimal settings within your Kinsta dashboard, including getting your SSL Certificate in place and your website serving nothing but secure content.

How It Works

The process is super simple and quick as long as your website is using fast DNS, like Cloudflare, there is minimal-to-no downtime.

Account Setup

Time to Complete: 5-10 minutes

  1. Sign up for Kinsta using our affiliate link.
  2. Let us know when you’ve signed up so we can verify the affiliate sale.
  3. Within your Kinsta dashboard, go to the Users area and grant us access using the settings shown below.
  1. Sign up for a free Cloudflare account. (Optional but highly-recommended unless you are confident you have premium DNS services.)
  2. Within your Cloudflare dashboard, go to the Members area and grant administrator access to
  3. Grant us administrator access to your WordPress Dashboard, using our same email address.

The Migration

Time to Complete: 30-60 minutes

  1. We set up Kinsta and Cloudflare in preparation for the migration, asking you some simple questions to get the right settings in place.
  2. You tell us when you would like to begin the migration and we start the process. (Note: During the migration, your website will not go down, but any new content added will not carry over to Kinsta. Plan accordingly.)
  3. We keep in contact with you during the entire migration, which typically takes between 30-60 minutes, depending on the size of the website and how fast DNS propagates (i.e. updates) across the Internet.
  4. Once everything finishes, we look over your website and if everything looks good (it will), we will make it live for you.
  5. Enjoy your fast MyListing website!

MyListing Website Transfers on Your Schedule

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