What's New for December 2019

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MyListing Club Family

Each month we will release a blog post that summarizes everything that’s been going on within the club. This will cover general announcements, resource updates (guides, templates, plugins, etc.), discounts, and anything else that we feel is important to get out there.

Things are going really well. The Kinsta deal has been a pleasant surprise and sign-ups have been steady. We will continue to work towards that next big tier to get us all an even better deal.

We are getting close to releasing our first plugin, which will allow listing owners to duplicate their listings from the front end. This very exciting for us but we’re even more excited to bring to the MyListing community as a whole.

Some new, bigger guides are also in progress. Hoping to release them here soon.


We were able to form a partnership with the highly-talented team over at ShortPixel. They are kind enough to offer free bonus credits to anyone using our link when purchasing a paid ShortPixel plan. We also have some exciting news dropping very soon related to ShortPixel and optimizing MyListing images.

SEOPress has also signed on as a partner, giving club members a 15% OFF discount on all purchases. There are more partnerships in the works. Fingers crossed!

Starter Sites

Starter Sites are fully-functional MyListing websites. You will be able to plug your information in and be off and running.

Another goal of Starter Sites, is to showcase all of the templates, snippets, etc. that can be found in the club. You will be able to see all of the goodies in action!

If you happen to be on the club’s Kinsta hosting deal, we can literally spin off a clone of any Starter Site you like, where you can then make it your own.  

Even if you’re on your own Kinsta hosting plan, or you host with someone else, we can quickly drop a copy of any Starter Site into your hosting for you.

Resource Updates

Kinsta Website Hosting

We are already over 50% towards our goal of reaching the tier where the big discounts and more features really start kicking in.

Just a reminder that we now provide their Starter plan for 33% off and 3x the amount of PHP workers.

As the number of members signing up for our hosting deal increases, the deeper discounts Kinsta will continue to give us.

Spots are limited, so be sure to jump on this deal while you can.

FREE Guides

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FREE Snippets

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Are you doing enough with your MyListing website?

Elite Membership Templates

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Premium Snippets

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