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This is our summary for the month of February, covering everything that’s been going on within the club, general announcements, resource updates, discounts, and anything else that we feel is important to get out there.

While January was focused on our first of many Starter Sites and the Templates that came from that, the month of February saw a focus in other areas.

We launched our Referral Program, introduced Managed Licensing, set up our monthly 2 Hour Support Giveaway. and built out our software licensing infrastructure, to name a few.

Rest assured that the focus will shift back towards Templates, as we continue to build out our new Starter Sites.

General Updates

Service Updates

Resource Updates

Referral Program (Give $5. Get $5.)

We launched our Referral Program to not only grow our community but to also help Club members lower their membership costs. It’s possible to have a Club membership at no cost, for quite some time, for those that refer enough people.

2 Hour Support Giveaway

We kicked off our monthly 2 Hour Support Giveaway for our Ultimate Members.

Managed Licensing

We kicked off our Managed Licensing offering to help lower the barrier of entry when it comes to obtaining premium licensing.

WooCommerce threw us a curveball with the absolute worst timing, by pulling the ability to bulk-purchase licensing as our Managed Licensing just started to take off.

Unless WooCommerce reverses course, we will not be able to bring WooCommerce products into our Managed Licensing offering.  

We were able to bulk-purchase the WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin in time, so that is still available for purchase. Once those licenses are gone, they are gone, unless someone cancels. There are 19 licenses remaining.

Kinsta Website Hosting

Our Kinsta hosting deal still has a full head of steam and we are super close to the next tier where we unlock more for our plan.

It’s worth repeating that If you’re waiting on the deal to get sweeter before signing up, you may want to reconsider, as we won’t hit the next tier until enough people are signed up.

MyListing Starter Sites

Starter Sites have been a nice surprise and there are more to come.

One of our goals is to bring these sites to more people, by finding the right balance between price point and features. As such, we have lowered the pricing while increasing the features!

The sale price we introduced for our first site is now the regular price of the Starter Sites.

Starter Site Package Updates

  • Perfmatters-Optimized (Full site optimization. Available in all packages.).
  • MyListing Asana Project Template (Available in all packages.).
  • Duplicate Listings (Available in the Ultimate package.).
  • Toolkit for Elementor (Available in the Ultimate package.).
  • RafflePress Pro (Available in the Ultimate package.).

Duplicate Listings Plugin

Our Duplicate Listings plugin has fully-launched and the feedback has been extremely positive, on both the functionality and pricing.

Are you doing enough with your MyListing website?

Premium Resources

The following have been added or updated this month.

Elite Resources

The following have been added or updated this month.

Ultimate Resources

The following have been added or updated this month.

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