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Flipping Boxes Listing Counter

Show Platform Presence. Advertise Potential Engagement. Encourage Additional Listings.

Show how many Listings are currently published, per Listing Type, on the website by displaying a count within the Listing Type 'Flipping Boxes' on the 'Add Listing' page.

Without this add-on, prospective Listing Owners have limited insight into the number of Listings on your website. With this add-on, you are letting Listing owners know how active your directory is and how likely it is they will see a return on their investment by adding their own Listings.

How It Works

Step 2:

Install the plugin and follow some super simple steps.

Step 3:

Provide prospective Listing Owners with more insight.🤓


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flipping boxes listing counter mockup

This add-on came from a request submitted through the Club’s Custom Development service and was developed to the customer’s specifications.

Want this add-on to do more? Feel free to submit a custom development request. Since the bulk of the work is already done, future costs should be minimal.

Frequently Asked Questions

This add-on is meant for MyListing websites that utilize the default ‘Flipping Boxes’ that are shown on the ‘Add Listing’ page.

  1. Install and activate the add-on.
  2. Edit the ‘Add Listing’ page.
  3. Edit the ’27 > Add Listing Form’ Elementor widget.
  4. Advanced > CSS ID > ‘listing-types’
  5. Save changes.

flipping boxes listing counter add listing widget settings

IMPORTANT: Whenever you directly edit WordPress files (theme, plugins, etc.), I recommend connecting to your website via FTP, using an application like FileZilla (Free). That way, if something goes terribly wrong with your edits, you can still connect to your site.

By default, the label will display the number of Listings with ‘Listings Site-Wide’ appended to it (e.g., 400 Listings Site-Wide).

To customize the label, follow the simple steps below.

  1. Connect to your website using an FTP application like FileZilla (Free).
  2. Browse to /wp-content/plugins/listing-types-count/.
  3. Edit the script.js file.
  4. Looking at lines 18 and 19, put a ‘//’ in front of the line (i.e., option) you DO NOT want to use and remove the ‘//’ from the line you DO want to use. (See the walkthrough video for additional help.)
  5. Save changes.
  6. Clear your browser cache.
  7. Test.

There are 2 label options you choose from, or you can create your own.

  • Option 1 (Line 18): Prepend ‘Currently’ before the number of Listings and append ‘Listings Site-Wide’ after the number of Listings.
  • Option 2 (Line 19 – The Default): Append ‘Listings Site-Wide’ after the number of Listings.

Yes. Please start a conversation in the MyListing Club Pro Community so I can help others that may have the same questions as you.

Note: The MyListing Club Pro Community is for payment members only. You will need an active Club Membership to join.

You can use it on unlimited websites that you own.

So I can continue to offer these add-ons for such a low price, please purchase a copy for each site you build for a client.

The Club maintains a policy of no refunds for digital, downloadable products.

Nope. I’m a customer and advocate for the MyListing theme.

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Flipping Boxes Listing Counter