Automate MyListing Website Policies With Termageddon

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The Automate MyListing Website Policies With Termageddon guide shows how to add policies and automatically keep them updated.

Termageddon allows you to add policies to your website that automatically update whenever the laws change.

The policies are written and updated by real privacy attorneys…not robots.

Generate any website policy, fast!

  • Privacy Policy
  • Terms of Service
  • End-User License Agreement (EULA)
  • Disclaimer

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NOTE: At this time Termageddon is designed to work only for US-based companies. Expansion is in the works, however.


Global Install Information
First Policy Setup
Embed Your Policy
Override a Policy
Share Your Termageddon Install

Global Install Information

The steps in this section will define your Global “Install” Information that’s applied to any policy that you add to your website.

  1. Log into your Termageddon account.
  2. Click on Continue Setup for your particular Install.
  3. Is this install for a website or an application? > Website.
  4. What is the URL? > Enter the URL of the website where your policies will live. (e.g.
  5. Who owns it? > Company.
  6. What is the company’s name? > Enter the name of the company behind the website where your policies will live. (e.g. MyListing Club).
  7. What type of legal entity is the company? > Choose the legal formation of your business (ex. LLC, Sole Proprietorship, etc.)
  8. In what state was the company formed? > Choose the State.
  9. Where would you like to resolve disputes? > County > Choose the County.
  10. Where would you like to resolve disputes? > State> Choose the State.
  11. Click Save.

Tip: If you ever need to edit your Global Settings, you can easily do so in a few clicks and/or keystrokes.

First Policy Setup

In this section, we will cover the creation of a Privacy Policy, since pretty much every website should have one.

  1. While logged into your Termageddon account, click on the Add Policy button.
  2. Click the Privacy Policy button.
  3. Fill in the information that is specific to your business and website.
  4. Click Submit.

Embed a Policy

In this section, we will cover the embedding of your first policy.

Since we have MyListing in play, that also means the Elementor page builder is in play.

So, we will embed the policy using Elementor.

  1. Create a page named “Privacy Policy”.
  2. Edit the page with Elementor.
  3. Add a new section and drop in Elementor’s HTML widget.
  4. From your Termageddon dashboard, click on the View Embed Code tab and click the Copy button.
  5. Paste the copied code into the Elementor HTML widget.
  6. Click Update.

Note: You can see the Privacy Policy in action on our Starter Site.

Override a Policy

At this point, you have your Privacy Policy in place and you can easily edit the policy details going forward, from your Termageddon dashboard.

You can also add custom information to your policy from that same dashboard, which is what we’ll do here.

  1. From your Termageddon dashboard, select your Privacy Policy.
  2. Click on the Override Policy tab.
  3. For any section of your policy you wish to change, click the Edit Section button.
  4. Make your edits and click Save Changes.

Note: You can use HTML to do things like adding a line break, bold text, etc.

Share Your Termageddon Install

You can easily share your installation with other team members, website professionals, clients, or an attorney.

  1. From your Termageddon dashboard, select your license (i.e. Install).
  2. Click on the Users tab.
  3. Click the Share License button.
  4. Enter the email of the person you wish to share your installation with.
  5. Click the Share License button.

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