Automate Your MyListing Website Policies With Termageddon

This guide will show you how to use Termageddonn to easily add policies to your website and automatically keep them updated, as well as how to implement the Cookie Consent solution.

Termageddon is a solution that helps protect MyListing websites from fines and lawsuits in less than 30 minutes, with their easy-to-implement policies.

  • Privacy Policy Generator
  • Terms and Conditions Generator (Canada, US, and UK only)
  • End-User License Agreement (EULA) Generator (US Only)
  • Disclaimer Generator (US only)

Those that choose to add a Privacy Policy to their website, will automatically gain access to Termageddon’s Cookie Consent solution, for no additional cost.

Global Install Information

The steps in this section will define your Global “Install” Information that’s applied to any policy that you add to your website.

  1. Log into your Termageddon account.
  2. Click on Continue Setup for your particular Install.
  3. Is this install for a website or an application? > Website.
  4. What is the URL? > Enter the URL of the website where your policies will live. (e.g.
  5. Who owns it? > Company.
  6. What is the company’s name? > Enter the name of the company behind the website where your policies will live. (e.g. MyListing Club).
  7. What type of legal entity is the company? > Choose the legal formation of your business (ex. LLC, Sole Proprietorship, etc.)
  8. In what state was the company formed? > Choose the State.
  9. Where would you like to resolve disputes? > County > Choose the County.
  10. Where would you like to resolve disputes? > State> Choose the State.
  11. Click Save.

Tip: If you ever need to edit your Global Settings, you can easily do so in a few clicks and/or keystrokes.

First Policy Setup

In this section, we will cover the creation of a Privacy Policy, since pretty much every website should have one.

  1. While logged into your Termageddon account, click on the Add Policy button.
  2. Click the Privacy Policy button.
  3. Fill in the information that is specific to your business and website.
  4. Click Submit.

Embed a Policy

In this section, we will cover the embedding of your first policy. Since we are using the MyListing theme, that also means the Elementor page builder is in play, which we can use to embed the policy.

  1. Create a page named “Privacy Policy”.
  2. Edit the page with Elementor.
  3. Add a new section and drop in Elementor’s HTML widget.
  4. From your Termageddon dashboard, click on the View Embed Code tab and click the Copy button.
  5. Paste the copied code into the Elementor HTML widget.
  6. Click Update.

Override a Policy

At this point, you have your Privacy Policy in place and you can easily edit the policy details going forward, from your Termageddon dashboard. You can also add custom information to your policy from that same dashboard, which is what we’ll do here.

  1. From your Termageddon dashboard, select your Privacy Policy.
  2. Click on the Override Policy tab.
  3. For any section of your policy you wish to change, click the Edit Section button.
  4. Make your edits and click Save Changes.

Note: You can use HTML to do things like adding a line break, bold text, etc.

Share Your Termageddon Install

You can easily share your installation with other team members, website professionals, clients, or an attorney.

  1. From your Termageddon dashboard, select your license (i.e. Install).
  2. Click on the Users tab.
  3. Click the Share License button.
  4. Enter the email of the person you wish to share your installation with.
  5. Click the Share License button.

Cookie Consent

As I mentioned above, Termageddon includes a Cookie Consent solution for no additional cost. If you have a plugin in place just for Cookie Consent purposes, that can now go away.

Termageddon partnered with UserCentrics, which is an EU-based company that has earned WCAG 2.1 AA accessibility certification, to assist with their Cookie Consent solution.

Initial Setup

The steps below assume you already have a Privacy Policy in place within your Termageddon account.

If I don’t mention a specific setting, my opinion is that the default setting is good as is. However, some settings may have legal implications for you so you need to look over every setting carefully.

Disclaimer: I’m not an attorney and cannot/do not offer legal advice. 

  1. From your Termageddon dashboard, click on the ‘Launch Cookie Consent Tool’.
  2. Agree to the terms and click the ‘Activate’ button.
  3. Appearance > Set your brand color by dropping in a HEX code value.
  4. GDPR Specifications > Reshow GDPR CMP > Adjust as desired or as required for your particular business, but I think showing this every 3 months is good.
  5. General Settings >Domain Settings > Enter the top-level domain of your website. (e.g.
  6. General Settings >Privacy Policy URL > Enter the URL of your Privacy Policy on your website. (e.g.
  7. Scan > Scan URL > Enter the URL of your sitemap for your website. (e.g. (Note: I use SEOPress’s XML Sitemap feature, so your URL would be the same if you’re also using it.).
  8. Scan > Is the scan URL a sitemap URL? > Choose ‘Yes’.
  9. Click the ‘Run Scan’ button.

At this point, Termageddon will run a scan across your entire website, looking for any cookies that are present. 

The scan will pre-fill the information for most of the technologies and cookies that are on your website. However, it is recommended that you still review the selections made by the scanner.

You can review the selections made by the scanner by clicking the ‘Edit’ button next to each cookie that was identified and viewing the results on the right-hand side.

If your website has a cookie that the scanner does not display, you can click the ‘Add New Service’ button and fill in the information for the cookie. 

  1. Once you’re happy with everything, click the ‘Submit’ button to save changes.

Add the Cookie Consent Elements to Your Website

Embed the Policy

  1. Add a new ‘Cookie Policy page to your website and edit it with your page editor/builder of choice. (Note: For the purposes of this guide, we’ll be working with Elementor.).
  2. Add the HTML widget to your page.
  3. From your Termageddon dashboard, go to the ‘View Embed Code’ tab within your Cookie Policy.
  4. Cookie Policy Embedding Instructions > Click the ‘Copy’ button.
  5. Paste the copied embed code into the HTML widget.
  6. Save changes.

At this point, your Cookie Policy should be in place. See this in action on one of the Club’s Starter Sites.

Embed the UserCentrics Tool

  1. From your Termageddon dashboard, go to the ‘View Embed Code’ tab within your Cookie Policy.
  2. UserCentrics Cookie Consent Tool Embedding Instructions > Click the ‘Copy’ button.
  3. Using a plugin like Perfmatters, WPCodeBox, etc. that allows you to add code to your website, paste the copied embed code into the ‘Header’ code area.
  4. Save changes.

At this point, the Cookie Consent tool should be in place. See this in action on one of the Club’s Starter Sites.

WooCommerce Subscriptions Ready

The latest version of the WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin is included (unlicensed) and once you have a Starter Site in hand, you can easily put in your own pricing, package features, graphics, etc.

Should you not wish to use WooCommerce Subscriptions, you can simply turn the Listing Subscription packages into standard MyListing packages in just a few clicks and be on your way.

  • WooCommerce Endpoint Design
  • WooCoommerce Subscriptions Setup
  • Listing Subscription Packages
  • Listing Subscription Switching
  • Stripe Payment Gateway Plugin
  •  and more…

Premium Assets

Get licensed, premium plugins, valued at over $600 in the first year alone, making a Starter Site investment a no-brainer.

You will get licensed copies of all the plugins listed below, with the exception of the WooCommerce Subscriptions and WooCommerce Product Vendors, and the licenses are yours to keep, for as long as the plugins remain on your website.

  • Elementor Pro ($49)
  • Perfmatters ($25)
  • Permalink Manager Pro ($45)
  • SEOPress Pro ($39)
  • UiPress ($39)
  • WooCommerce Product Vendors ($79) 
  • WooCommerce Subscriptions ($199)
  • WP Rocket ($49)