Build SEO Optimized URLs for MyListing Websites With Permalink Manager Pro

Our Build SEO Optimized URLs for MyListing Websites With Permalink Manager Pro guide shows how to easily add new permalink structure capabilities to the theme.

MyListing includes some nice options out of the box (WordPress > Settings > Permalinks > Listing Base) for setting up your default permalink structure, but for some directories, it’s not enough.

For example, maybe you have noticed that only one Region (the first Region chosen by the Lister) can be included in the URL.

This is not good for SEO, as some Regions can have the same name across a country, and the granularity is not enough for directories where Local content distinction (i.e. Local Business directories) is critical.

We highlight the Region taxonomy here, but the same can be said for all other taxonomies (Categories, Custom Taxonomies, etc.) where being able to get granular and organized is important.

For this guide, we will use the Permalink Manager Pro plugin to make our MyListing URLs with any custom structure we want.


MyListing Listing Base

Since we are using Permalink Manager Pro to set up our permalinks, the MyListing settings under WordPress > Settings > Permalinks > Listing Base can be ignored.

Whatever you have set for your Listing Base will have no impact on the custom permalinks you build with this guide.

Permalink Manager Pro

For these instructions, we are going to use a scenario where our directory is for Local Businesses in a particular city, which in this case happens to be Charlotte, North Carolina.

We will be demonstrating how we did the custom permalinks for our MyCity Charlotte website (Starter Site 3).

Core Settings

  1. Install and activate the Permalinks Manager Pro plugin.
  2. Go to WordPress > Tools > Permalink Manager > Settings.
  3. Auto-update Permalinks > Enabled.

Listing Base

Here is where we will tell Permalink Manager Pro what our default Listing Base (i.e. permalink/URL structure) should be for all Listings.

This can easily be adjusted to fit your particular directory, but what we are showing here is how to recreate the structure shown below.

/ state / city / neighborhood / listing-type / category / listing-name /

  1. Go to WordPress > Tools > Permalink Manager > Permastructures.
  2. Under Post Types > Listings, append the following to the Listing Base, by entering it into the box.


Prevent Duplicate Slugs/URLs

If you run a MyListing website, it is common to have Listings with the exact same name and when that happens you will see a ‘-2’, ‘-3’, and so on, appended to each Listing URL.

To prevent this from happening, you can use Permalink Manager Pro to easily solve this, by enabling the ‘Use actual titles as slugs’ setting.

WordPress Dashboard > Tools > Permalink Manager > Settings > Slugs Mode: Use actual title as slugs.

Regenerate URLs

If your directory has been around for any length of time, you no doubt have Listings.

Rather than manually edit each one to apply the new permalink structure, we can use the Regenerate tool to automatically go through all Listings and apply the structure for us.

Important:  Create a backup of your website, before doing any work of this nature.

  1. Go to WordPress > Tools > Permalink Manager > Tools > Regenerate/Reset.
  2. Mode > Regenerate Custom Permalinks.
  3. Content Type > Post Types.
  4. Post Types > Deselect all except ‘Listings’.
  5. Post Status > Select All.
  6. Click the Regenerate button.

At this point, all of your Listings should have the custom Listing Base applied.

The developer of this plugin is extremely responsive and we like to think we are as well, so if there is anything you need or would like to see written up further here, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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