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Change the Color of the Verified Listings Badge

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The Change the Color of the Verified Listings Badge guide helps you to further add your branding to Single Listings.

Our instructions assume you have the MyListing Child Theme installed, to keep changes like these from not being overwritten when updating the MyListing theme in the future.


  1. Using FTP application like FileZilla or a WordPress plugin like File Manager, browse to the following location.


  1. Create the following folder structure.


  1. Download the badge file (tick.svg). (Note: Right-click on the image that pops up on your screen, choose “Save As”, and click Save.).
  2. Edit the tick.svg with your preferred text editor application.
  3. Change the path fill=”#” value to the color HEX value of your own branding.
  4. Save.
  5. Copy the updated tick.svg file to the path in Step #2.
  6. Refresh your Single Listing to see the changes.