How to Create Custom Thank You Page Redirects for MyListing Websites

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Guide Updated: 12/21/2021

Our How to Create Custom Thank You Page Redirects for MyListing Websites guide covers how to easily set up a better onboarding experience using a no-cost solution.

This guide covers how to set up either a global checkout redirection or custom checkout redirections based on the specific product that is purchased. Setting up redirections is great for onboarding customers, sending customers further down your sales funnel, saying thank you, and more.

Be sure to check out the end of this guide, where we cover exactly what we did for one of our MyListing websites.

Solution Setup


  1. Install and activate the Thanks Redirect for WooCommerce plugin.
  2. Click the ‘Skip’ button to opt out of any special permissions.

Global Redirect

If you want to redirect all customers to the same page, upon checkout, then this section is for you. Otherwise, if you wish to do custom redirections, please skip down to the ‘Custom Redirects’ section.

  1. WooCommerce > Products > Thanks Redirect for WooCommerce.
  2. Check the ‘Enable Global Redirect’ box.
  3. Specify the URL of the page you wish to redirect all customers to.
  4. Specify a URL that customers will be redirected to should their order fail.
  5. Add the corresponding pages mentioned in your URLs, to your website.

Custom Redirects

In this section, we cover how to create custom redirects based on specific products that are purchased. This can be very useful when you want your customers to see a unique page that has a unique message, specific onboarding instructions, etc.

  1. Edit any product that you wish to have a custom checkout redirection applied to.
  2. Specify the URL of the page you wish to redirect all customers to.
  3. Specify a URL that customers will be redirected to should their order fail.
  4. Add the corresponding pages mentioned in your URLs, to your website.

While our screenshot shows the ‘Thank You’ page URL just like we show in the ‘Global Redirection’ section, this is just for illustration purposes. We actually create multiple, custom thank you pages, which we will discuss later in this guide.

IMPORTANT: Be sure you have not enabled the ‘Global Redirect Settings’, otherwise, the custom redirects will not work.

Failure Redirects

In our screenshots, we show the failure redirect URL as being the store and the thought there is to send customers back to your store to give purchasing another shot. There are a number of ways to go here and we cover or approach later in this guide.

Our Redirection Approach

In this section, we cover how we set up our own MyListing website, where we sell Listing Packages/Subscriptions, Listing Promotions, and Services.

Listing Packages / Subscriptions

After a customer purchases one of these (subscriptions in our case), we redirect them to a page named ‘Reach Further’. Our ‘Reach Further’ page thanks the customer for being part of our community, gives them a couple of choices/paths to go down.

One of the choices is to simply visit their Account Dashboard, where they can manage their Listings, view their account information, manage their membership, etc. The other choice is to continue scrolling down the page where we introduce them to ‘Listing Promotions’, our ‘Deals’ Listing Type, our ‘Partner Discounts’, and ‘Member Giveaways’.

In short, the second choice we present helps the customer to understand how to make their Listing have a bigger presence on our platform, save money, and win stuff.

Listing Promotions

As we mentioned above, Our ‘Reach Further’ page includes a section for ‘Listing Promotions’. That section briefly describes what Listing Promotions are and then includes a call to action to read more about them.

Our goal is to educate customers to the point they fully understand the benefits of promoting their Listings and how to go about it. If a customer ends up purchasing a ‘Listing Promotion Package’, we have a custom redirect to your ‘Services’ page, which lets the customer know that we do offer help with all things related to building directories.


If a customer purchases services from us, we have a custom ‘Thank You’ page redirection set up, where we educate them about our onboarding process.

We walk them through the steps on what to expect next, how to get in touch with us, etc, which is a nice alternative to just leave the customer hanging and wondering.

Failure Redirects

We created a custom page named ‘Oops’, that like our “Reach Further’ page, gives the customer two choices/paths.

One of those paths is to go back to our store and the other is to use our website’s chat feature to strike up a conversation with us, so we can work through the problem in real-time.

MyListing Video Tutorial

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Wrap Up

Setting up custom redirections based on the product purchased is a great way to educate, onboard,  sell more products/services, add some personalization to your processes, and more.

We have given you the easy steps to roll out a no-cost solution, so all you need is to put forth a small bit of effort on your part, which could have payoffs.

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