How to Embed Google Reviews on Your MyListing Website With EmbedSocial

Depending on the MyListing website, providing the ability to embed Google Reviews is a great upsell to your customers and is highly valuable to Listing owners that rely heavily on reviews to get customer leads.

There are many “free” solutions floating around regarding the embedding of Google Reviews, but they seldom work and the teams behind them have no real incentive (unless there is a ‘freemium’ model in play) to develop new features, stay on top of security, provide quality support, etc.

Do you want to put your reputation on the line for a solution that may not be there for the long term?

This guide will teach you how to embed Google Reviews on your MyListing website with EmbedSocial’s EmbedReviews solution.

Get MyListing Ready for EmbedSocial

Educating Your Customers

Let’s assume that the ability to use EmbedSocial is reserved for Listing owners that have purchased a paid Listing package.

So, it would help if you took the time to educate your users on what you include in each of your Listing Packages, any processes involved (e.x. getting set up with EmbedSocial), etc.

Including a link somewhere on your pricing page is a good step towards that education.

Listing Type Setup

  1. Edit a Listing Type where you want to allow the embedding of Google Reviews.
  2. Fields > Create a custom field > Click the ‘Text’ field to add it.
  3. Drag the field to the desired position amongst your other Listings. 
  4. Edit the field.
  5. Label > ‘Google Reviews’.
  6. Show in Listing Comparison Popup > Toggle OFF.
  7. Enable Package Visibility > Toggle ON if you are only allowing Google Review embedding for specific Listing Packages and be sure to specify the ‘Show this field if’ setting as well. (Note: Aside from specifying the actual Listing Packages, I recommend making the field available to admins in the backend by specifying the ‘No Package’ option.).
  8. Single Page > Content & Tabs.
  9. Click on the Tab where you would like to display the Google Reviews or create a new one. (Note: I opted to create a new tab named ‘Google Reviews’ and set it to use a ‘Single Column’ layout.).
  10. Click ‘Shortcode’ to add the shortcode block.
  11. Click the ‘Shortcode’ block to edit it.
  12. Label > Clear out the label so it’s empty. (Note: It will be obvious that Google Reviews are what’s showing, so a label becomes redundant.).
  13. Content > Copy the shortcode provided below and paste it into your Shortcode block.
					[embedsocial_reviews id="[[google-reviews]]"]
  1. Custom Block ID > Copy the text below and paste it in.
  1. Copy the CSS below and add it to your website. (Note: This snippet removes the border shadowing that appears, giving the reviews block a much cleaner look.).
#googlereviewsblock div.element.content-block {
    box-shadow: none !important;
  1. Adjust (or remove) the icon for the block, as desired.
  2. Save changes.

EmbedSocial Accounts

As with any Google Review embed solution, in order to embed the reviews, the person/business must have a physical address added to their Google Business Profile.

Master Account (The Website Owner)

This is the first account that gets set up and it’s where the sub-accounts for your Listing owners will live.

Sub-Accounts (The Listing Owner)

These are the accounts of the Listing owners and while they live under the Master Account, they can be fully managed by the Listing owner.

Master Account holders can also help manage sub-accounts on behalf of the Listing owners if so desired. EmbedSocial is super flexible that way.

Sub-Accounts have all of the same features as the Master Account, and they can obtain full support directly from EmbedSocial, without the need to involve you, the website owner.

Is this Master Account > Sub-Account structure required? Absolutely not. Each of your Listing owners can sign up for their own Master Account, but they will pay full price.

The structure outlined here allows the MyListing Club community to obtain discounted pricing from EmbedSocial.

Master Account Google Reviews Embed

The steps in this section apply to website owners that want to embed their own Google Reviews somewhere on their website, using Elementor Pro.

  1. Sign up for EmbedReviews Pro.
  2. Choose your first source > Choose ‘Google Location’.
  3. Click the ‘Connect Google Account’ button and follow the prompts to authenticate with your account.
  4. With your desired Google Location selected within EmbedSocial, click ‘Create Widget’.
  5. Click ‘Copy Code’.
  1. Edit your desired page, post, etc., with Elementor.
  2. Add the ‘HTML’ widget.
  3. Paste in your embed code and save changes.

At this point, if you like how your embedded reviews look, great! If not, you can jump back into your EmbedSocial dashboard and customize your reviews so they are displayed just the way you like.

Sub-Account Google Reviews Embed

EmbedSocial Registration

At this point, let’s assume your customers were properly educated when it comes to the Google Review embed option you’re providing, and they decided to move forward with a qualifying Listing Package on your website.

  1. Instruct your Listing owners to sign up for EmbedSocial. (Note: There is no cost for this signup and they DO NOT need to input any payment information.).
  2. From that same screen, they don’t do anything else (no clicking buttons, no selecting anything, etc.) other than use the chat widget to ask EmbedSocial to be added to the Master Account of ‘XYZ’.
  3. Once they are added to the Master Account, they can begin using their EmbedReviews Pro account without any restrictions, by simply refreshing their browser.

EmbedSocial Setup

The steps in this section apply to Listing owners that want to embed their Google Reviews within their Listing(s).

  1. From the dashboard of their EmbedSocial account, click on ‘Sources’ from the left-hand menu. 
  2. Click ‘+Add Source’.
  3. Choose ‘Google Location’.
  4. Click ‘Connect Google Account’.
  5. Authenticate with Google, using the credentials that are tied to the account where the Google Reviews are coming from.
  6. After authentication is successful, click ‘Create Widget’.
  7. Copy the unique identifier from the Widget Code, as shown in the image below, highlighted in blue.
  1. Edit your Listing and paste the code into the ‘Google Reviews’ field.
  2. Save changes.

At this point, the Google Reviews (assuming the Listing owner has any) should be displayed within their Listing.

Google Reviews Styling With EmbedSocial

There are a ton of options to display the reviews exactly as you would like to and every account (master and sub-accounts) can have its own unique design.

Hide the Google Reviews Tab if Empty

Not everyone on your MyListing website will have reviews, so it’s a good idea to hide the Google Reviews tab when that’s the case.

  1. Edit the Google Reviews shortcode block you added above.
  2. For the ‘Custom Block ID’ field, input any desired ID (e.g. googlereviewsblock).
  3. Save Changes.
  1. Add the code snippet (JavaScript) below to your website.
					jQuery(document).ready(function($) {


Video Tutorial

In this video. I walk through the process of adding a sub-account from the Listing owner’s point of view.

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