How to Enable Elementor Popups for Single Listings on MyListing Websites

By default, MyListing locks the Listings post type, and because of this, you are unable to do certain things like use Elementor’s Display Conditions to apply Popups to Listings.

This guide will teach you how to unlock the Listing Types post type and apply an Elementor Popup to your Listings.

Unlock the Listings

This is easily done by using the Unlock the Listings Post Type code snippet.

Apply an Elementor Popup to Listings

For these steps, I’ll assume you’ve already used Elementor Pro to create your popup.

  1. WordPress Dashboard > Templates > Popups > Edit your popup with Elementor.
  2. From the Elementor panel, click on the arrow icon next to the ‘Update’ button.
  3. Choose ‘Display Conditions’.

Apply to All Listings Using Display Conditions

  1. Click the ‘Add Condition’ button.
  2. Click the arrow icon to the right of ‘Entire Site’ and choose ‘Singular’.
  3. Click the arrow icon to the right of ‘All Singular ‘ and choose ‘Listings’.
  4. Click the ‘Next’ button. (Note: If you would like to apply popups to more specific Listings, be sure to check out the next section of this guide.).

Apply to Specific Listings Using Display Conditions

Let’s say you only want your popup to apply to Listings that fall under a specific category.

Instead of choosing ‘All Singular’, as we did in the previous steps, we will instead choose ‘In Category’ and then specify our desired Category to apply the popup to.

Use Triggers to Tell Elementor When to Load the Popup

At this point, you will be in the Triggers configuration section of your popup.

  1. Choose your desired Triggers. (Note: Just to ensure your popups are working, it’s probably a good idea to start with a simple trigger like ‘On Page Load’.).
  2. On Page Load > Toggle to ‘Yes’.
  3. Click the ‘Next’ button.

Pro Tip: You can apply multiple triggers but just be sure to test your popup so it functions as you want but doesn’t annoy your users.

There are a lot of powerful options here, so be sure to explore all of them and take advantage.

Configure Advanced Rules

Again, a lot of powerful options here and lots of different scenarios to consider. I’ll briefly cover some scenarios below, but as far as covering what to set up here, that would be outside the scope of this guide.

  1. Click the ‘Save & Close’ button to save all of the changes (Conditions, Triggers, and Advanced Rules) you made to your popup.

Advanced Popup Rule Scenarios


You might want to configure the ‘Show on Devices’ trigger to prevent your popups from applying on mobile devices.


You might want to configure the ‘Show After X’ triggers to prevent your popups from being shown to users too many times.

You might want to configure the ‘Hide For Logged In Users’ trigger if your popup only makes sense to those that aren’t your current customer.

Sales Funnel & User Journey

You might want to configure the ‘When Arriving From Specific URL’ trigger if you are leading people down a particular path in your sales funnel.

You might want to configure the ‘Hide For Logged In Users’ trigger if your popup only makes sense to those that aren’t your current customer.

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