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Remove Promoted and Featured Listing Badges

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The Remove Promoted and Featured Listing Badges code snippet is useful when you want to hide both or just one of the badge types.

While some MyListing widgets like the Listing Feed let you choose whether or not to display these badges, it’s typically an all-or-nothing setting.

Also, there are some areas of a MyLising website like Related Listings, where hiding these badges with CSS is the only option.


  1. Grab the code snippet.
  2. Follow the provided instructions.
  3. Save your changes.
					//// INSTRUCTIONS: 
//// Copy and paste the code snippets below into Theme Tools > Theme Options > Custom Code > CSS.

--------------------------- CODE SNIPPET IS BELOW THIS LINE --------------------------- 

.level-promoted .ad-badge {
    display: none;

.level-featured .ad-badge {
    display: none;