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Enhanced Region Permalinks

Enhance the Region taxonomy relationships (Parent / Child) within your permalinks and create custom, SEO-optimized taxonomy links for Listing Preview cards.


The Permalink Manager Pro plugin is required for this add-on.

MyListing offers some flexibility and automation with permalink structures, but from an SEO standpoint, there are still shortcomings. If you want to specify a Parent/Child Region taxonomy relationship in MyListing URLs, you’re out of luck. Let's fix that!

Without this add-on, users can only be redirected to the Explore page, which is bad for SEO and user experience. With this add-on, MyListing website owners can get granular with their permalinks and automate that process, so users can be redirected to a custom Region page, which is much better for SEO.

Helpful Videos

Learn about this add-on and how it's implemented.

Play Video about mylisting add on enhanced region permalinks
Play Video about mylisting 'build' series part 23 region pages
Play Video about mylisting 'build' series part 15 taxonomies & permalink structure

Frequently Asked Questions

WPCodeBox is the best plugin for adding code snippets to WordPress, and the following instructions apply to those using it.

Note: You are not required to use WPCodeBox, but I highly recommend you do if you care about your website performance and easier administration.

  1. Download the Enhanced Region Permalinks Add-on.
  2. Create a PHP Code Snippet named ‘Enhanced Region Permalinks’.
  3. Hook/Priority > Set to ‘plugins_loaded’.
  4. Copy the contents of the downloaded ‘Enhanced Region Permalinks.txt’ file to the snippet you created in the previous step.
  5. Save and enable the code snippet.

Please refer to the videos on this page for a walkthrough of the steps. If you have additional questions or feedback, please start a conversation in the MyListing Club Community so I can help others who may have the same questions.

This add-on works out of the box with no configuration needed.

Yessir! From the Fit Starter Site, click on the Region taxonomy icon within any of the Listing Preview cards.

You’ll notice that you are directed to a custom Region page rather than just having the Explore page reload with Listings filtered by the particular Region.

Yes. Please start a conversation in the MyListing Club Community so I can help others who may have the same questions.

You can use it on unlimited websites that you own.

So I can continue to offer these add-ons for such a low price, please purchase a copy for each site you build for a client.

The Club maintains a policy of no refunds for digital, downloadable products.

I’m available for pre-sales questions, I show this solution working on multiple live, MyListing websites, and I’ll help support the implementation of this solution.

No. I’m a customer and advocate for the MyListing theme.

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